Eric Pulier: From Technological Aspirations To Awarding People For Incredible Feats

Eric Pulier is someone who is considered to be a child prodigy. He is known to be good at almost everything he puts his hand to. He is extremely skilled with technology and business and has been able to make brilliant career in the field, in spite of being younger than most people starting out their careers. In the span of a few years, Eric Pulier has achieved more than what most fifty-year-olds do through the course of their lifetimes. He has been instrumental in the formation of numerous startups, which have contributed to the field immensely. Most of the startups that he has founded have been in the sector of technology since that is the area that Eric Pulier specializes in the most.

Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey and lived for most of his life there. He was always fascinated with computers and Eric Pulier started trying to figure out the world of programming when he was just ten years old. Starting out at such a young age in the field has now given him an edge over other programmers. He was incredibly taken up by the way technology worked, and soon, coding became more than just a hobby to him. With his passion for coding, he founded his own company when he was still in school. He later sold the company to a well known technology firm, who gave him a pretty good sum of money for it.

One of the businesses that Eric Pulier is most proud of among the numerous ones that he started has to be XPrize. The company is one of the most out of the box ideas that Eric Pulier had, and has nothing to do with the world of technology programming. The company is one which rewards people who do considerable feats and go where no human has ever gone before. This could be anything, from climbing the highest mountains in the United States in under forty-eight hours or deciding to raise twenty million in twenty minutes for a social cause. By doing this, Eric Pulier wants to award the people in society who are willing to push themselves further than any human has.

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