Talk Fusion University for Success

Talk Fusion has launched a new online training university. The University is a learning platform for Talk Fusion associates to receive high-level training from Bo Reina.


Bo Reina is Talk Fusions’ Founder and CEO. He has over 25 years of experience in the network marketing. Bob Reina was introduced to Network marketing in the early 1990s. Bob was a Hillsborough County police officer at the time. He had no experience in selling when he first entered the network marketing industry. He developed a four-step system that made him a top earner in the 25 years he has used to get to the top of the game.


Bob Reina created Talk Fusion University to help others succeed in the network marketing world. Bob has made it his mission to combat all the misinformation and self-proclaimed networking “experts” in the network marketing space. He wants to help people to transition from an average life to an extraordinary one without hitting any unnecessary roadblocks along the way.


A an important focus of Talk Fusion University is the concentration on growing a team. One individual cannot get very far in the industry. However, mobilizing a team is how you find the success in network marketing. The goal of the university is to learn habits, processes, and strategy that you want to duplicate in others on your team. The university develops this winning format that Bob has been using for 25 years. Learn more:


Talk Fusion’s University is not open to the public. It requires a Talk Fusion Associate ID to begin lessons.


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