Robert Ivy Believes In The Creativity Of Architects

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He has also been the editor of Architectural Record. He states that architects have moved beyond offering those traditional building designs and becoming more creative. This is especially important today as the building work has gone down due to the economic downturn. Even the business schools all across the country are promoting thinking about design. In this regard, architects are the best suited as they can analyze as well as solve problems in many different ways.

It is quite clear that the economic landscape has gone through several changes over the past few years. There was a time when the architects were at their height of stardom. This was during the economic boom. But the downturn of the economy has put projects on hold. This is why architectural practice is shifting too. But this shift is in some positive ways.

Robert Ivy promotes sustainability as that is being widely embraced now. Hence it has become embedded into the designs today. There has to be a sustainable approach to design due to the pressures that our planet is facing today. The global population continues to grow and impact nature in a big way. Hence architects have to come out with designs that can provide solutions to all these environmental challenges. There are changing weather conditions and earthquakes. Hence architects like Robert Ivy can help to prevent losses of life. What this means is that in addition to designing buildings that have aesthetic looks, these have to be safe enough to withstand earthquakes since human lives are at stake.

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As per Robert Ivy, the development of cities is a positive phenomenon as this helps to create low-carbon societies. But all urban residents should have access to a good quality of life. This is a major challenge as, by 2015, two-thirds of the global population will be living in cities. Low carbon can be considered to be the most cost effective answer to climate change. In addition, dense urban living is being considered as the only sustainable option for the human civilization according to It is true that rural areas can still be connected to these cities through information technologies, but cities will always remain important and be the source of knowledge as well as human innovation.

Hence providing infrastructure for these growing cities is going to be a huge opportunity for all kinds of design professionals.

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