Cancer Treatment Centers of America Spearheading a Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Approach in America

According to the American Cancer Society, as 2017 ends, over 1,688,780 new cancers cases will have been reported, and over 600,920 cancer deaths will have occurred in the U.S. The trend is worrying. However, forward-thinking healthcare companies such as Cancer Treatment Centers of America (sometimes shortened to CTCA), Allscripts, and NantHealth are seeking to reverse the depressing trend. The three companies recently collaborated in developing a comprehensive and custom oncology treatment platform, Clinical Pathways, which is likely to revolutionize how cancer patients access medical assistance.
How will the collaboration work? eviti®, a NantHealth clinical decision support solution, will be supplied with information from Allscripts’ electronic health record (EHR). Clinical Pathways relies on the link between EHR and eviti to provide invaluable information required by a physician for cancer treatment process without unnecessary interruptions to his/her workflow.
Chief Medical Officer at CTCA—George Daneker Jr.—threw his weight behind Clinical Pathways. According to him, the platform is a source of appropriate treatment options. He further states that the platform offers relief to medical practitioners who are often overwhelmed by new data and oncology research leading to guesswork filling knowledge gaps. Daneker affirms that all the treatment options available in Clinical Pathways are up to the CTCA’s standards and whatever a patient chooses is safe and efficient.
When Clinical Pathways is engaged, it provides a wealth of information for a patient. Some of the information provided by the platform include personalized treatment regimens specific to the patient, comparisons between treatment options, and supporting clinical data, etc.
CTCA is dedicated to serving cancer patients in the U.S. To this end, CTCA has five hospitals spread across the U.S with its headquarters located in Boca Raton, Florida. CTCA is known for its integrative approach to cancer treatment which involves conventional methods coupled with therapies.

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