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Lime Crime Releases Hair Dye For Dark Hair

Lime Crime is a brand that is always putting out new and exciting products, and their products help to make life more fun for a variety of people. This brand creates products that are good for those with all tastes, and their new launch is something that is good for brunettes. The brand has created hair dye that is made to be used on dark hair. This hair dye is meant to change the color of dark hair and make it fun. The new additions to the Unicorn Hair Collection feature fun colors.

Those who are looking to add a streak of color to their hair can do that through the help of the new additions to Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Collection. The new colors of hair dye include maroon, green, purple, and gray. Anyone who would like to switch up the way that their hair looks can do that with these new products from a creative brand. If a person has dark hair and they are tired of trying colorful products on that hair and having them fail to change the way that it looks, they can use these new hair dye options to change things.

If a person is seeking out fun products that will change the way that they look, overall, the Lime Crime brand has options for them. This brand creates makeup that is fun and colorful, and they also put out products that are meant to change the way that hair looks. This brand has created a variety of products that make life more interesting, including the new hair dye options made just for brunettes. Anyone with dark hair can take the new products and use them to change their hair. Anyone can make a statement by putting these new products to use on their brunette hair.

EOS Has A New Vegan Lip Balm

EOS already has such an extensive array of lip balm flavors and varieties that it is pretty surprising that they would develop yet another new lip balm blend, but they did so with their new line of lip balm that launched in August and is known as EOS Crystal.

EOS Crystal does have some unique characteristics associated with it that goes beyond the transparent nature of the lip balm itself. Cosmetically, it is transparent and this is part of its crystal mystique. Further, the container is updated. Instead of the traditional orb that EOS sells this container is less round and rests upright easier than it used to, available here at

Most importantly is the lip balm itself. EOS Crystal is a vegan product and contains no animal by-products in it based on While most lip balms don’t have animal products, they are sourced from petroleum jelly which is a by-product of the oil refinement process. Instead of using low quality petroleum jelly, EOS has long prided themselves on superior all-natural ingredients, one of which is beeswax which does a great job in protecting your lips but is not a vegan product. With EOS Crystal, EOS finally has a truly vegan offering.

EOS lip balms all have this characteristic of tasting more natural than other lip balms as they don’t have the artificial flavors or ingredients in it. Further, since their ingredients are made from quality products, they offer this truly lasting luscious feel to it. None of this is lost in the EOS Crystal line which offers the same high quality balm, click for more info.

EOS Crystal has two great flavors; vanilla orchid and peach hibiscus and is available for purchase in stores or at online retailers. Vegans should take notice of this new fantastic flavor options and consider signing up for this one given the quality of the brand and it’s great reviews.

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EOS New Vegan Lip Balm Review

There is a lot of hype spreading about the new vegan crystal flavors by EOS. Evolution of Smooth has opened a pathway for those who couldn’t enjoy certain types of lip balm because of the ingredients. The clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm has become so popular production demands can’t keep up. Evolution of Smooth is known for its unique round containers. EOS has continued to keep that standard look for its new vegan crystal flavors line. EOS is proud to be an animal byproduct-free company. This year beeswax has been removed from Evolution of Smooths products. This has won over a large number of loyal customers.

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EOS loves their products and they love their customers even more. EOS strives to produce products made with the highest quality and deliver it to market at the lowest prices. EOS products can be found online as well as many big-box stores such as Walgreen’s, CVS, and Wal-Mart. Just a few years ago Chapstick was leading the industry when it came to retail lip balm. EOS has swept in and dominated the industry offering more advanced products that consumers love, refer also to

EOS has products in almost every major retail outlet across the United States with exciting innovative flavor variations. Evolution of Smooth has a wide range of products from lip balm to hand & body lotion. EOS has created ultra moisturizing shaving cream with exotic scents that will leave your skin soft and smooth. Each shaving cream is packed with shea butter and vitamins to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

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Limited edition collections can be found during the holiday season and make as great gifts for loved ones, purchase here. Evolution of Smooth lip balms have been used by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. Its no surprise that everyone is using their lip balms. EOS has grown to a 250 million dollar company. The key to EOS’s success is their determination consistently produce high end products at very competitive prices. EOS listens to their customer’s needs and when it’s time to deliver they over exceed their customers expectations every time.


I Am A Proud Member Of The EOS Lip Balm Family

EOS lip balm products are good for sensitive skin, but available for all skin types. They’re reasonably priced at $10 a bottle, and have been a go-to beauty care lip balm for me. I was able to always keep a flavor handy by visiting the beauty care aisle of select retailers. They offered cool scents like Mint Kisses, and Lemon. Their 100% competitor’s organic ingredients include shea, and jojoba. I discovered EOS had been a trusted brand with millions of products sold without a logo. They work extremely well to fight against extreme weather conditions, and more.

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Are you interested in a popular brand? EOS products are distributed under an Evolution of Smooth brand that I currently use, see I can order their products conveniently from their website, and get free shipping offers. They give me immediate moisture when I need it without the need for multiple applications throughout the day. EOS products are clinically tested to last up to 24 hours with a completely hypoallergenic formula, check it here. I was able to retain my youthful skin, and avoid dry chapped skin in my area. I would recommend their products to anyone looking for an affordable organic lip balm. I am now a proud member of the EOS lip balm family.

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Five Things the First Ten Years of Rocketship Education Taught its Co-Founder and Contemporary President, Preston Smith

Ten short years ago, Rocketship Education was founded in Redwood City, California, with its first location holding the relatively similar title of Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary School. In July of 2007, the month RSED – short for Rocketship Education – was incorporated in the state of California, Preston Smith was appointed the Founding Principal, in addition to Regional Director. He held these positions for 23 and 31 months, respectively, before working as CAO – Chief Achievement Officer – for 40 months prior to naming himself Chief Executive Officer and President in February of 2013.

Today, RSED houses just short of an impressive 4,000 students across its eighteen locations: twelve spread throughout RSED’s home state of California; three in Nashville, Tennessee; two within the nation’s capital, Washington DC; and the most recent installment in the constantly-wintery community of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. RSED is arguably best-known for its pioneering in tech-heavy personalized education plans, helping it excel in the competitive field of education.

Having endured several hardships throughout his decade-plus of operating his now-successful educational creation, Smith was privy to innumerable lessons. Here are five of those lessons, of which he shared on The 74 Million’s website just a month-and-a-half ago, in August:

Parents are highly recommended to allow their child(ren)’s teacher to visit their home. Considering Rocketship Education is high on personalized learning, looking around one’s place of living helps teachers understand how skilled they are with technology, whether they’re actually struggling regarding material assigned to their individualized plans, and much more.

Further, parents interview incoming candidates. Sometimes such parents are brand new to the school, ranging to spending all six possible years with the institution (K-5).

Teachers are asked to be flexible in changing their presentation of material and homework assigned. As RSED is all about personalized learning, every voice matters exponentially more relative to other schools.

Another important parental involvement includes them being recommended to discontinue enrollment at any school if they’re not teaching their respective children well enough.

Lastly – surely not least important, that’s for sure – parents are encouraged to be proud of RSED’s incorporation as a public school.

EOS Creates Fun Lip Balm Flavors For All Seasons

There are some people who like to switch up the beauty products that they use depending on the season that they are in, and such people will find that the EOS brand has flavor options that are great for them. Coconut Milk is a lip balm flavor from EOS that will make a person think of tropical vacations and summertime. Peppermint Mocha is a flavor that will have a person thinking of time spent in front of the fire and wintertime. EOS has created a Summer Fruit lip balm option that is great for use when the weather is warm, and their Sweet Mint option is perfect for cold days. Those who like to change up the products that they use depending on the season will find many flavor options through EOS, buy here!

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The EOS brand is focused on using the finest ingredients to put together products that are actually good for the one who uses them on their lips. They take ingredients that are known for being safe and they use them to create a variety of products. The EOS brand stays away from those ingredients that could be harmful to consumers. The EOS brand does a good job of creating flavorful lip balms that are appropriate for all seasons and safe for use.

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OSI Industries’ Recent Acquisitions Are Helping To Expand The Company’s Scope Of Operations

In a recent article on the Gazette Day website, the author examines the business expansion that Aurora, Illinois-based OSI Industries has been experiencing.

In its position as one of the world’s leading food processing companies, the forward-thinking OSI Industries has been making growth-oriented acquisitions both in the U.S. and in Europe.

In a move that will provide the company with more domestic production capabilities and options, OSI Industries purchased a large food processing plant in Chicago, Illinois, in 2016. The plant was formerly operated by Tyson Foods, and is conveniently located near another large OSI plant.

Much of the expansion that OSI Industries has taken on is centered in Europe. The company acquired both the gigantic Dutch company Baho Food, and the British food company Flagship Europe in 2016.

Maintaining high quality and safety standards is essential in the food production industry. The Gazette Day article reports that OSI Industries is utilizing modern technologies such as X-ray equipment to detect and remove foreign materials from food products at its manufacturing plants.

OSI Industries is also the focus of another recent article, on the French Tribune website. In this article, the author details the various stages of growth experienced by the company, and provides information about Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Industries.

This article mentions how OSI Industries acquired the German Hynek Schlachthof GmbH slaughterhouse in 2017, and how the acquisition will expand the scope of OSI’s fresh meat and meat product distribution services in Germany and throughout Europe.

Several other acquisitions and business ventures that OSI Industries has implemented, including a joint venture with Select Ready Foods of Alberta, Canada are mentioned in the French Tribune article.

The recent acquisitions and ventures that OSI Industries has carried out are part of a positive growth pattern that the company has experienced for several decades now.

OSI Industries started in 1909 as a small meat market and butcher shop in Chicago. Today, the company maintains more than 65 facilities in 17 countries, and employs more than 20,000 people worldwide. For more info about us: click here.

Even though it is a very large and successful company, OSI Industries is a philanthropic organization that donates to various charities. The company also strives to provide an environmentally responsible workplace, and a sustainable supply network.

Talk Fusion: Start A New Life

A lot of people have talked in the past about how they wish they could have a reset button in their life. If only they could do something different or change things up, they would be a lot happier. If they had a time machine, they would be happier too. While those, unfortunately, are not feasible, there is Talk Fusion, the video communications company. In many ways, it is like getting one more shot. Think of it in boxing terms: someone had their last fight and it did not go the way they wanted it to go. They got knocked out and they lost the fight. They feel like they have unfinished business to contend with in the ring.


In the ring of life, a lot of people feel like they have unfinished business as well. They took a job after having a family, but somewhere along the way, the job changed. It was not what they had signed up for in the first place. They are now doing the work of two people, but they are only getting paid the salary of one person. Because of this, most of the time, they come home late, they miss time with family, and they miss important events that can never be duplicated again. They are once in a lifetime moments.


By being your own CEO or your own boss, you don’t have to miss out on those moments. You can schedule your day and your life the way you see fit. You still make money, but you are doing something you love while making money. There is also the important family time because there is not a thing in this world more important than family. If this sounds like you, it is time to take advantage of the 30-day free trials Talk Fusion is offering to new customers ( Gone are the days of being unhappy in life and feeling like you are getting the short end of the stick.


You will never have to miss out on anything of great importance ever again. You are there and you are present.


Blueberry Acai, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Passion Fruit EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm comes in many flavors and they are all mellow, but tasty. My favorites are the more exotic flavors, blueberry acai, honeysuckle honeydew and passion fruit. These flavors are slightly different from the traditional berry, citrus or mint flavors commonly sold in potions applied to the body.

Blueberry acai is a wonderful flavor because it’s somewhat familiar with a unique twist injected from the addition of the acai. Like all the EOS lip balms it effectively softens, moistens and conditions the lips. You not only get the pleasure of tasty lips, they also give off a very pleasant odor. Still, the flavor doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of a good meal. The taste is very subtle, so it doesn’t distract from a spicy, bland or creamy meal. Check it out here at

Honeysuckle honeydew is a nice flavor, because if you grew up where honeydew grew, it’s reminiscent of walking past a growth of honeysuckles. It may have the aroma of honeydew, but my nose can’t detect it. It does have the aroma of honeysuckle, which is why I love it. The ingredients have the addition of coconut oil, Shea butter and jojoba oil ensures you apply Vitamin E to your lips, so the lips are covered with a strong antioxidant keeping them plush and full.

Passion fruit is an especially pleasant flavor. If you enjoy a unique taste and smell, you may appreciate passion fruit lip balm by EOS. You can not only soften and moisten your lips; you can do so with confidence as EOS lip balms are only made with 100% natural and 100% organic ingredients.

When you’re deciding which EOS lip balm you want to try. Consider your tastes. If you enjoy exotic flavors, try passion fruit, blueberry acai or honeysuckle honeydew. You will not be disappointed with either the flavors or the effectiveness of the lip balm. If you use one or all of the flavors, you’ll have tasty, pleasant smelling, soft, moist and well conditioned lips.

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Notable Growth of OSI Group/Industries in the Food Market

OSI Group continues to expand its status in the food producing industry with the acquisition of other food firms that match with their values and goals. The American company offers a custom solution and high-quality retail brands and food services. Its productivity reflects the entity dedication to growth with new facilities for production and processing across the globe.

Committed to Growth

David McDonald, company president, explained how OSI Group pushes for development. Product development makes sure the customers get what they order. The organization includes both suppliers and clients in determining the right commodities. The partnering process allows the demanding consumers more ways to fulfill their demands. They can select natural, organic foods, or premium specialties depending on their preference and financial status. The company operates in 16 nations outside the US due to its growth plan.

New markets

For its continued growth, OSI procured Tyson Foods plan, Chicago. The entity deals with beef products such as hamburgers and meatballs, along with bacon, hot dogs, and pork, vegetables, and poultry items. The privately owned business has managed to take the top position in the food industry.

The already successful entity is finding its way to Europe after purchasing Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe deals with frozen poultry, pies, sandwich fillings, marinades, dips, dressings, and sauces. OSI provide resources for the firm in global markets. Baho Food, a Dutch company manufacturing foods, deli meats, and snacks have joined OSI Group, expanding OSI presence in Europe.

Global Growth

OSI Group recognizes that to expand to other countries, they must be able to cope with cultural differences, government regulations, and customer preferences. The global leader runs a large-scale operation and maintains its local management teams to understand local tastes and cultures.The experience and academic accomplishment of CEO Sheldon Lavin in finance and accounting have contributed to the growth and expansion of OSI. Lavin established a culture to the firm where workers will be operating as a family to achieve the company objectives to lean more about us: click here.

About OSI Group

OSI Group LLC is the former OSI industries Inc. The entity was founded in 1909 with outlets in the US, Asia Pacific, and Europe. David McDonald is the current president of the food firm. OSI has built its name in the food manufacturing industry with its ability to deliver fresh and unique products. The Aurora-based company is among the best organizations in selling and producing value-added food elements especially protein items. It provides entrees, snacks, desserts, side dishes, breakfast and lunch products.