Blueberry Acai, Honeysuckle Honeydew and Passion Fruit EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm comes in many flavors and they are all mellow, but tasty. My favorites are the more exotic flavors, blueberry acai, honeysuckle honeydew and passion fruit. These flavors are slightly different from the traditional berry, citrus or mint flavors commonly sold in potions applied to the body.

Blueberry acai is a wonderful flavor because it’s somewhat familiar with a unique twist injected from the addition of the acai. Like all the EOS lip balms it effectively softens, moistens and conditions the lips. You not only get the pleasure of tasty lips, they also give off a very pleasant odor. Still, the flavor doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of a good meal. The taste is very subtle, so it doesn’t distract from a spicy, bland or creamy meal. Check it out here at

Honeysuckle honeydew is a nice flavor, because if you grew up where honeydew grew, it’s reminiscent of walking past a growth of honeysuckles. It may have the aroma of honeydew, but my nose can’t detect it. It does have the aroma of honeysuckle, which is why I love it. The ingredients have the addition of coconut oil, Shea butter and jojoba oil ensures you apply Vitamin E to your lips, so the lips are covered with a strong antioxidant keeping them plush and full.

Passion fruit is an especially pleasant flavor. If you enjoy a unique taste and smell, you may appreciate passion fruit lip balm by EOS. You can not only soften and moisten your lips; you can do so with confidence as EOS lip balms are only made with 100% natural and 100% organic ingredients.

When you’re deciding which EOS lip balm you want to try. Consider your tastes. If you enjoy exotic flavors, try passion fruit, blueberry acai or honeysuckle honeydew. You will not be disappointed with either the flavors or the effectiveness of the lip balm. If you use one or all of the flavors, you’ll have tasty, pleasant smelling, soft, moist and well conditioned lips.

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