Kate Hudson brings You Fabletics – Affordable Fitness Wear

Kate Hudson is not just a pretty face or an excellent actor, she is also the co-founder of a fitness wear company. Fitness wear has been around for decades, but she has improved on the classic work-out garments.


Fabletics, located in El Segundo, CA, offers reasonable prices for the comfortable and attractive wear that has a longer life than most fitness wear offered to the public. Fabletics is a distributor with membership and special offers. It has been reported that Fabletics has offered long-standing customers an opportunity to receive free products! One cannot argue with free gifts!


Not Just a Shop

Fabletics is not just a shop. Kate Hudson has created a membership program that enables VIP’s and other lower-level members the opportunity to purchase fitness wear as sets and as ‘ala-carte’ items. They offer a monthly membership structure though you would never be expected to purchase anything. That is always the customer’s choice.


Custom Selections

Fabletics custom-selects items that suit each customer’s personal style. They offer reasonable prices for their products. A two to three piece outfit will cost between fifty and sixty dollars. Even though the selections are curated, there is never an obligation to purchase anything with no charge if not purchased.


New members are given a questionnaire to fill out. This will entail work-out type, what kinds of outfits are likely to be worn. Each month after membership, clients will be matched with workout clothes that fit her personal preference. Over fifty outfits are selected each month.



The quality is far superior to the asking price. Longevity of each item of clothing is impressive. The fabric is thick, so there is no risk of see-through garments. The weave is tight and provides impressive compression. The fabric holds shape over the long-run. The fabric dyes are of a high quality and the colors do not fade.



There is variety and style to choose from in both color and pattern. There is something for everyone, whether new to fitness or a cross-trainer for the past decade or two. There are cut-out styles and full-body styles to suit each level of modesty, too! Shorts, Capris or full-length leggings are available for all tastes!



Workout clothes are a high-cost industry, with some sets costing in excess of $200.00 or more. This is not the case with Fabletics. They have extremely high-quality workout clothes available at department store prices. You can be sure that your $50.00 purchase will be well worth the price. All items are priced affordably so anyone who wishes to become healthier through exercise can afford to purchase their clothes.


Kate Hudson works with quality manufacturers to provide the public with an excellent avenue to a fitness clothing line that rivals higher-end, more expensive styles. The quality, style, and cost make Fabletics a company worthy of more than perusal.

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