Browse Month: February 2018

Communication Has Never Been Easier For Teachers With Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a company that launched back in 2011 and has a focus on improving the level of communication that is present int he schooling environment for parents, teachers, and students. To date, Class Dojo has seen a lot of praise and made a profound impact on the schooling community with their innovative app. Teachers are able to stay connected with parents and engage their students better than ever before with Class Dojo, especially with the help of growth mindset videos the company has also released. These videos are focused on teaching students valuable principles in learning and life and they have even been tested at Stanford to help improve their message and impact.

With a greater level of communication available to parents and teacher, students are able to receive encouragement and build their confidence as opposed to feeling alone or left out with no guidance. When communication is lacking, this kind of thing can happen, which leads to a negative schooling experience that can affect the outcome of any students future. The constant connection of Class Dojo also allows parents to stay connected to their child at all times and keep track of their progress throughout the school day. The days of parent-teacher conferences and calls home are over with Class Dojo since teachers can directly communicate with parents through the app to save all parties a great deal of time.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don put a lot of effort into creating Class Dojo. They worked hard to ensure their app was easy to use for people of all ages, while also supporting more than 35 different languages. The best part of Class Dojo is that it is free to use, with a simple invitation need to join up. Any teacher can send an invitation and once invited, all one needs is an active internet connection and working smart device to take part in this positive experience.

Curbing Phishing using OneLogin Solutions

OneLogin provides software solutions to companies that are looking to go the digital way. With the expertise and experience in transforming a company through a cloud-adoption journey, OneLogin has been on the forefront in providing cloud services to firms, both remotely and on-premises. In addition, OneLogin solutions also come with single sign-on authentication, pre-integrated apps, multi-factor authentication as well as real-time active directory integration.

As such, any user accessing the system works with the latest information at all times. He is also sure that accessing the system has no risk because it is encrypted well enough, and without proper authentication, there is no access to the system. Some of the firms that are working with OneLogin on their cloud-adoption journey include Airbus, Pinterest, Consort Medical and Steelcase.

It has come to the attention of many management teams that traditional identity systems come with extremely high costs in comparison to the digital options available today. In addition, traditional identity system delays user productivity when users have lost their app passwords. This also affects the IT department which is flooded with requests for renewal or resetting of passwords.

As a result, the company ends up with complex systems that make it even more complicated to roll out apps and more disparate directories are created in the process. According to Derek Brink, most companies that use traditional identity management systems end up spending up to $3.5 million in managing their systems every year. OneLogin provides a solution to this problem by offering Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform that is efficient, cost-effective and easy to use.

Since most companies want to easily access data wherever they are, it has become apparent that all confidential information is stored in clouds. However, this also means the information is prone to leakage as a result of cyber attacks. Some of the sensitive information that most companies would dare not get out to the public include blueprints, financials, schematics, partnership agreements, schematics and NPI documentation.

With the increased levels of phishing attacks that most companies are facing today, it is estimated that at least 10% of affected companies end up spending more than $400,000 in trying to make their clients regain confidence in the brand.