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There Is More To John Textor Than Being A Producer

In 1937 at the Wesleyan University, John Textor received his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. Ten years later he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings where he became Managing Partner. Wyndcrest Holdings main interests are in; telecommunications, entertainment and the internet. Other achievements of Mr. Textor are:
* 1999 – Director of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse
* 2002 – Chairman
* 2005 – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
* Chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboards
* Jointly responsible for planning/finance for Micheal Swerdlow Companies
* Founding Director of Lydian Trust Company/VirtualBank
* Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain and its parent company
* Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corp.

Mr. Textor’s main focus at Pulse Evolution Corp. is in; special projects, acquisition of rights, venue partnerships, strategic partnerships and interacting with other media companies. He is full time support to the CEO and President-Head of Studio.

As previous Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Media Group, Mr. Textor has combined resources of both Pulse and Digital to help create visual effects for more than 80 large scale feature films. There were 25 of those films done when Mr. Textor was in charge. He was responsible for the procurement and restructuring of Digital Domain Media Group in May 2006.

Pulse Evolution’s is known for generating ‘virtual humans’ for live and holographic concerts. Mr. Textor’s expertise in this area has helped Pulse to grow into a global leader of the computer-generated likeness. A recent example of how incredible these virtual humans are; is the human likeness of the late Michael Jackson that was in the live performance of the Bill Board Music Awards on May 8, 2014.

Today the development of computer generated human likeness is popular in the entertainment business. Pulse and Mr. Textor see this interest growing in the days ahead to include the military and surgical simulations. The uses for these applications will be far more lucrative in these situations as well as in telecommunications.

Ant-Man Shapes Up To Be Summer Hit

Ant-Man is going to be a hit. The release of the recent trailer for the film achieved a massive 29 million – yes, million – hits on YouTube. To put things into perspective, Guardians of the Galaxy received fewer hits and was a shockingly massive success.

There is no reason to believe the Ant-Man trailer is going to turn anyone off from seeing the film. The trailer was loaded with action, humor, and provided insight to a very interesting story about a former criminal going straight. Going straight in this film involves more than just not breaking the law. Going straight involves becoming a superhero out to save the world. That is hard to do when you must meet with a parole officer regularly.

Ant-Man comes out in the summer of 2015 and likely will be the number two box office draw for Marvel behind Avengers: Age of Ultron. I know if I am out of the country when this movie comes out I will use elite traveler to make sure my friend, Christopher Crowley and I can see this movie. It will be the blockbuster of the summer.

New Stills Arrive From Mad Max: Fury Road


More new images from Ben Shaoul and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road have been made public. Tom Hardy really does look like the perfect substitute for Mel Gibson in the role of the title anti-hero. A question does arise from one of the still images.

What on (the futuristic, dark post-apocalyptic) earth is Mad Max doing shooting a rifle? What happened to his old school double-barreled shotgun of the first and second film?

Perhaps the upgrade to a $100 million budgeted film allowed Max to also upgrade some of his tools of the trade.

All joking aside, the release of new photos hyping the film show this project is definitely going to capture the spirit of The Road Warrior. One photo shows Max’s classic car drenched in the hot sun of the Australian desert and the other image shows what appears to be one of the screen’s evil villains crawling on the roof of his own vehicle.

Mad Max also stands in the hot sun next to his car. He is looking off into the distance. What he hopes to find is anyone’s guess since there is not much of a world left. Civilization was destroyed via nuclear Armageddon. Perhaps the images of Max looking out to the desert invoke a sense of hope the misanthropic character may actually have deep inside of himself.

Even though we are only getting a few glimpses of what the film has in store, it seems Fury Road is shaping up to be worth the long wait.

Madonna Album Cover Backlash

If you ask Ken Griffin there are some ideas that seem like great ideas – until the rest of the public sees them. Madonna is one such a person that is now in the spotlight for a having, what she thought, was a great idea that went horribly wrong. On her recentalbum cover for “Rebel Heart” Madonna decided to deface images of MLK and Nelson Mandela.

Madonna made this artwork where her own face was distorted like this for the EP. For the full length album Madonna had other ideas. This is the first time that Madonna has caused controversy, but her controversy is usually done in a sexual manner. These covers got civil rights activists to speak out. She has received a lot of heat on Twitter, but she had no plans to actually apologize for this.

Now she has had come back and apologized. It sort of reminds fans of the recent Nazi imagery that Nicki Minaj had in her video. Nicki would eventually apologize for the lyrical video that had the Nazi images, but her director refused to apologize for it.

Overall, it gets Madonna some exposure. It may be bad press, but there is a saying about how any publicity is good press. For Madonna, this may be true. She has been away from the spotlight for so long. Fans have been talking about the new music so the controversy got her some attention.

Last Blood to Cap Off Rambo Series

Sylvester Stallone has announced that his last Rambo movie will be entitled: Rambo: Last Blood. That is a fitting closing to a film series that began with Rambo: First Blood. It is the fifth movie in the series, and Stallone himself will be directing it. Stallone also wrote the script. And, of course, Stallone will be starring in it. One word says it all in regard to this movie, and that word is “Stallone.”

A tweet from Stallone on December 28th let the cat out of the bag on the movie title. Almost instantly, people on Skout were talking about it as well. It also revealed that, once he is finally finished with that Rambo character, he will be working on a movie to be called Scarpa. Scarpa will tell the story of the real-life gangster Greg Scarpa and is sure to be as action-packed as the Rambo routine. The only difference is that the gun-rattling, explosions, and general chaos will take place on city streets instead of in East Asian jungles.

The previous Rambo film released, simply called Rambo, brought in over $113 million dollars. We can understand how Stallone would want to make one more run of it, and we can also understand how he may be tiring of the Rambo role.

The 1982 film, which began the Rambo series, was a heroic tribute to Vietnam veterans and a picture of their rejection by much of society in those days. Many will be sad to see the series end, but “Rambo” is getting a little old for the jungle. So, maybe it is time for “closure” after all.

James Gordon Heads to Arkham Asylum


The upcoming episodes of Gotham is going to focus on an environment familiar to long-time readers of Batman comics. In the second half of season one, James Gordon takes on the task of being a guard at Arkham Asylum.

This is a very interesting development that could make for very interesting storylines in the future.

Arkham Asylum is, of course, the famous holding facility all of Batman’s criminally insane villains are sent to. Not very many of Batman’s rogues gallery of criminals find their way to the lesser known Blackgate Prison. No, they are sent to Arkham Asylum for a good reason. The theme of insanity hangs over the head of the Batman and Arkham Asylum always acts as a convenient reminder.

Serious criticism of the Batman mythos consistently notes the obsessive Batman is as insane as his antagonists. The main difference between them and Batman is the Caped Crusader seeks to help others and save his beloved city of Gotham. Because of the noble deeds he performs, we simply look past or excuse his obvious insanity.

No, the Gotham TV series is not likely to explore this angle. Themes such as these are usually left to the comic books and for the hardcore fans of the Batman mythos. It still is nice to see Arkham Asylum on the small screen since tales of the origins of the cursed facility have never been adapted for live-action.

You can do what Zeca Oliveira is doing and enjoy the goings on at Arkham in the popular video games that use the asylum as a backdrop.

YG Fans Angry At Grammy Snub

The Grammys announced their nominations, and many people like Susan McGalla were celebrating their nominations publicly. Many artists went onto social media to express their excitement, especially those who had their first nominations, like Sam Smith. YG Protests. Many artists were nominated for their music, albums, or achievements. Artists such as Beyoncé, Iggy Azalea, Pharrell, and many more, were nominated this year. Unfortunately, with the nominations, also comes snubs. Many artists were snubbed for Grammy nominations, and some people feel that their artists were unfairly passed up for a Grammy nomination.

The Grammys are the height of fame when it comes to music, and if you’ve won a Grammy, then you can officially call yourself a great artist. “YG,” who is a rapper, created an album entitled “My Krazy Life,” but he was snubbed by the Grammys. His fans were so outraged by the snub, that they took to the streets to protest against the Grammys for snubbing the artists’ music. Pictures were taken of grownups, as well as children, holding up signs in protest of the rejection of YG’s album.

Although YG has been informed about the picketing on the streets, he swears that he had nothing to do with it, although he does appreciate what his fans are doing.

Netflix’s Daredevil Will Wallow in the Gritty

Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has long since pointed out the forthcoming Daredevil Netflix series is going to be far from whimsical. The film focuses very early in the career of Daredevil and contrasts his learning how to be a superhero with the rise of Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk to prominence in organized crime. DeKnight mentioned Daredevil is going to be a lot like The Wire which Bruce Levenson loves. He also let it slip the series will be like a lot of classic gritty movies from the 1970’s. In particular, he mentioned The French Connection, Dog Day Afternoon, and Taxi Driver.

Those are all classic films that maintain a documentary feel to them. They are rooted in the dark and gritty world of urban decay. A sense of realism is present in these films that set them apart from over-the-top action found in most crime films or action-adventure spectacles. If Daredevil follows the trajectory of these types of films, the overall finished product is going to be both very real and very dark.

Do not think for a minute though that Netflix will allow the material to be excessively violent and morbid. Going too far in the adult direction will end up turning audiences off and Netflix and DeKnight know this. 

What saved the Daredevil comic book from cancellation in the early 1980’s was the decision to allow Frank Miller to take the hero down a path radically different from other titles. The TV series seems to be adhering to this approach, too.

Cinderella: The International Movie Trailer

Cinderella movie by the Disney studio is set to hit US Theater on 13 March 2015 with its international trailer already a discussion by the audience, what is new on the movie. What is on discussion? The movie appears t to be reinvention of its first official trailer released back on November. While it’s a far cry from the modern Skout love story, it does not look original though it boasts of unique picture not seen in promotions.

There is less emphasis on all the bells and on all the whistle, Cinderella godmother Helena blesses Cinderella with , Lily James also looks marvelous on the film, she is toiling and slaving in the kitchen of her stepmother Tremaine – Cate Blanchett , she is also appearing of being wooed by Richard Madden’s 

Other scenes to be boast come 13th march 2015 include Blanchett’s character. He appears to be very good rather than being very evil on the battle of five armies, Cinderella allows Blanchett dole out some harshness, and she looks like she is relishing the role in every second she is on screen. 

The Cinderella film is highly polished and worked on the audience will have all to say with its release on countdown in few months to come March 13 2015.

Amy Adams ‘SNL’ Sketch Cut Short Because Of….


On the most recent ‘SNL,’ Amy Adams was doing a sketch with Stephen Williams wine and another person, when the sketch was cut short prior to commercial. Amy Adams Sketch. Many were puzzled as to why the sketch was cut short, while the two were reenacting a part from the movie “Love Actually.” It looks like the sketch was cut short because Amy couldn’t stop laughing. Although she only laughed a few times, the sketch went a bit over schedule, forcing them to cut it short, before it reached its completion.

Either way, it was a great show. For those were not familiar with Amy Adams, think “Mean Girls.” She was “the” mean girl in the show, outside of Lindsay Lohan. Amy Adams went on to be in one of the greatest love movies ever made, entitled “The Notebook.” Many people think about The Notebook when they think of romance, because it was a great movie, and somewhat true to real life. Amy’s costar in the movie became her boyfriend for many years, and many were sad to see the couple breakup.

If you’re still unfamiliar with her costar in The Notebook, it was Ryan Gosling. After Ryan and Amy broke up, many were very depressed about it, but he went on to date Eva Mendes, and prior to their breakup, she became pregnant. Ryan now has his first child with Eva, and he’s very happy, and they are possibly planning for more children.