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If you are wondering who Vinny Parascandola is, continue reading and discover one of the best managers regarding the insurance industry. Currently, he works with AXA Advisors whereby he is the senior executive vice president.It is a position that he holds because of having the right qualifications and the experience needed to run such organization. He carries out some duties which include the hiring of professionals in the field of finance, ensuring there is productivity in the company, managing development, retaining employees and he is also in charge of sales and marketing.


Vincent holds this position because of he studied carefully and worked with firms to gain experience in the field.He attended school at the leading Pace University, an institution known for business education. He was keen to study computer science, and after school, he began working as a system analyst at a company known as Irving Trust Firm and later went to work with Prudential Insurance where he worked as an agent.


Vinny Parascandola also worked at the MONEY where he was a financial advisor and rose to acquire the position of the field vice president. It was in 2005 when he joined AXA Group because he had the experience that could help the firm to compete with its competitors.

Mr. Parascandola is someone who has worked with many organizations for many years. He has helped many of these companies to achieve their desired missions and goals because he works with diligence and hard work.


He collaborates with the leading management team so as to ensure that financial advisors have the needed resources regarding the education of customers. AXA is a big firm that boasts of having more than six thousand professionals who are tasked with various duties.

Some of the functions performed by the financial professionals include the provision of products that are innovative and coming with strategies that help in investment. Mr. Parascandola’s work is outstanding, and no other person can match what Vinny Parascandola has been able to do. Due to his efforts, he has been recognized by receiving several awards.