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Has The True Fate Of Agent Carter Been Sealed?

So, what will be the fate of Agent Carter on ABC? The answer to that question is not only something fans want to know, but all the people involved with the production are asking the same question. Star Hayley Atwell has noted a decision on renewing the program for a second season is going to be made within a few weeks. That is not the best sign for the show. The series ran 8 episodes during the debut season and, if the show was a real hit, then a second season would have been ordered immediately. Obviously, that has not happened and no decision regarding a renewal has been made.

Sad to say, Agent Carter was not exactly a really great show. The program did attempt to draw in fans of superhero films by displaying the early adventures of SHIELD through the exploits of Agent Carter. The trouble with the premise is we do not get any superheroes. Besides, Agents of SHEILD already provides fans with a little insight into the adventures of the spy team. Was there really a need for a second show set decades in the past?

Had the quality of the show been something special, then fans probably would be rallying behind it. Overall, Agent Carter is a pretty average show and fans of superhero and Marvel programming want something a lot better than average.

Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG learned through an ABC article that a cancellation sentence has not been pronounced on the show just yet. For good news to surface, however, the show-runners definitely have to provide compelling evidence the show is going to be able to overcome the hurdles that have sandbagged the series.