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How To Find A Job In Animal Rights

There are lots of animal lovers in this world. Some like to transfer this love to fighting the good fight. Take for instance Keith Mann. Keith has been a major animal lover for a long time. Keith Mann on amazon has always fought the good fight for these creatures. He has almost wound up in jail due to certain things he has lent his name to.

Do you have the same drive that he does? Do you want to add your name to the mix of other animal rights activism? Follow some of these simple tips below.


Look into the organizations that interest you. Find a way to contact these places. Does their mission represent what you are about? Can you get behind what they are saying? Make a list. Call them up. Set up a time to meet with the main person of the group. Pick his/her brain. Find out what makes him/her tick. If you find yourself on the same pages, then you are in luck.


Be open to the idea of moving. You might have to find a place that is not in your neighborhood. This might mean you moving to another state or country. The more open you are to moving, the more options you will have. Some AR places are in small towns. Some of them are big cities. It all depends on what you are looking for.

It’s also a good idea to make friends with the director of the group. When you have this person as a friend, this will make a difference. You will have a better shot at others being behind you; especially, when you are on the same page as every one else.


This is a big thing that many AR companies do. Most companies hire from the inside. If you want a job with the organization, offer up your volunteering services in the beginning. If you can find a place to intern at while in college, this is even better. About 90% of all college graduates are offered a job with the place they interned at.


You will need to get used to busy work. Busy work involves answering phones and filing. It’s not going to be too exciting, but it is necessary. This is the only way you will work your way up. Familiarize yourself with how the office works. If you become a star in the front office, you will be a star when it comes to the really important things.


You will have to prove yourself. Most AR companies want to see the passion you have inside. They do not want to see that it’s “just a job.” Passion for the job of animal rights has to trump the money you make.


Keith is one of the best people when it comes to animal rights. If Keith lives in your area, find a way to get in touch with him. Pick his brain. Find out what he did to get where he is at. If Keith senses your passion and interest in animal rights, he will offer up his time to you.