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CEO of Talk Fusion Shares the Advantages of Their Video Marketing Solutions



Bob Reina, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion is featured on Superb Crew sharing interesting information of the company’s video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 providing video email products, and, since then, has grown and developed more video products. They have added video newsletters, video chat, Live Meetings, and Sign-up Forms to the product list. In an interview with Superb Crew, Mr. Reina discusses the advantages of their video solutions, achievements, and the future of their products.



When Mr. Reina was asked to share with the audience the primary users of Talk Fusion’s products, his response was entrepreneurs, non-profits, small companies, and large corporations. Each user receives different benefits. For an example, the benefit for a large company may be to enhance and personalize communications. Small businesses benefit by building customers relations, increasing sales, and creating new leads.



One of the most imperative advantage of Talk Fusion’s all-in-one video marketing solutions is the ability to schedule and host live media. Users also have the ability to view analytics, store files, and organize contact. Clients are capable of scheduling email campaigns to promote their brands, products, and services. Reina said their video communications are simple, efficient, and entertaining.



The greatest accomplishments of Talk Fusion happened last year, says Bob Reina. The company and its product was recognized in 2016 as WebRTC Product of the Year and Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Video chat is named the number one communication program in Indonesia and number five in Japan, in 2016. Talk Fusion growth has expanded to over 140 countries connecting people and businesses across the globe.



Bob Reina said they are planning to integrate WebRTC into all of their products to stay in the forefront of technology. Their video chat, video email, and video newsletters products are built using WebRTC technology. Since the launch of Talk Fusion’s 30-day free trial, more businesses and non-profits are relying on video marketing solutions. Non-profits receive free services to raise funds for their charities and humanitarian causes.