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The EOS Lip Balm Company that Overshadowed Chapstick

The Evolution of Smooth is selling lip balm at an amazingly fast rate. This company is selling so much lip balm that people are actually curious about how this came to be. The consumers that are interested in the back line story of how the Evolution of Smooth took over the lip balm market need look no further than Fast Company. This is a magazine that captures the rapidly-growing businesses in the growth stage. This is exactly what this company managed to do with the Evolution of Smooth.

The is definitely going to please a lot of people that have cracked and chapped lips. This is not the only audience that is going to favor products from the EOS brand. There are a ton of people that are talking about just how easy it is to decorate with the EOS lip balm containers for things like wedding showers or baby showers. This has become a diverse product that seems to even appeal to celebrities. It is easy to do a Google Search and see big celebrity names like Kim Kardashian with EOS lip balm. This shows that it is a brand that is appealing to a wide fan base. Go to to browse more products.

Small companies like this that have risen to fame quickly have been highlighted by Fast Company. In the highlights for the EOS story it is a connection to Chapstick that makes this brand stand out. It started in a competitive way with presenting people with a different option than what Chapstick was providing. While Chapstick created a tube, EOS would create a lip balm container that was a spear, see here. The Evolution of Smooth also brought forth an abundant number of flavors to stood out from Chapstick. These are the things that gave EOS a competitive advantage against Chapstick.