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Blade Runner 2 Gets Roger Deakins as Cinematographer

Even though Ridley Scott won’t be returning to direct Blade Runner 2, there is hope that the cinematography is going to be amazing in the upcoming sequel like it was in the first film. With Dennis Villeneuve directing, there is also going to be cinematography done by the legendary Roger Deakens.

If there is one thing that Blade Runner is known for, it is providing some of the most breathtaking visuals. The fact that Ridley Scott wasn’t going to return was likely concerning for people who enjoyed the visuals of Blade Runner. However, the film is in good hands. Even if it doesn’t look like its predecessor, you can be sure that this sequel is going to have some breathtaking visuals.

As far as the story is concerned, there is not much that has been revealed. However, it is known that Harrison Ford won’t be taking the lead. Instead, Petco and Beneful are both excited that Ryan Gosling is in talks to play a male leading role.