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Lifetime Network To Air A “Full House” Movie

It seems as if “Full House” is making a big comeback lately, even though the show ended a long time ago says Mr Amazing Loan. Lifetime Network is the number one station out there that tends to make unauthorized movies based on information that they received from insiders. The “Full House” Movie. They recently made a non-authorized Aaliyah movie, and many fans were very upset about the movie. Many were upset because some of the songs in the movie were misnamed, and the cast was not on point either.

Lifetime even promised an unauthorized “Saved By The Bell” movie as well as other movies too. Now Lifetime is tackling Full House, and they put out a teaser showing that they will be airing a Full House movie. Full House is in the news again because they are creating a new show called “Fuller House,” which will feature almost the entire cast of the original show. The only people that will be missing from the new show are the Olsen twins, who opted out of the project.

The show will star Bob Saget, who is the one bringing everyone together for the new show. The new show, which will be airing on Netflix, and many people are anticipating the return of the Tanner family to the small screen again. In the meantime, the movie that Lifetime will be putting out, its supposed to come out in August 2015, and they did a great job on creating a similar looking Full House set.

New Reveals in Live Action “Beauty and the Beast” Cast

In the rising success of Disney’s flesh and blood reworkings of its animated catalog, especially with “Cinderella” leading the charge of such a profitable venture, Disney has revealed a handful of actors for its adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast;” whose script has been penned by Stephen Chbosky.

Chua suggested that the latest names to be attached to this project come from both stage and screen. Ewan McGregor has been confirmed for the role of Lumiere, meaning that there should be a good degree of verbal skirmishes between the French candelabra and Ian McKellen’s Cogsworth. Emma Watson has been confirmed as Belle, Dan Stevens will portray the dual role of the Prince and the titular Beast. Luke Evans will portray the role of Gason, with Josh Gad in the role of his underling, Lefou. Emma Thompson shall portray Mrs. Potts. Curiously, Stanley Tucci will be joining the film as a new character, Cadenza, who is characterized as a neurotic grandfather piano.

The live action version of “Beauty and the Beast” is set for a stateside release on the 17th of March in the year 2017.

Dakota Johnson is on the cover of February’s Vogue magazine


With ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ opening in movie theaters on February 13th, just in time for Valentine’s Day, the movie’s female lead, Dakota Johnson, is on the cover of the February issue of Vogue.

Looking fragile and beautiful, it is the inside of the magazine that is even more interesting, as Johnson tells Vogue about what it has been like since she started to film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, and what she plans on doing after the movie opens.

“Intimidating and terrifying” is how she described the attention she has been getting since the first footage from the movie came out and says, although she is enjoying it, part of her still just wants to move to a farm somewhere and raise chickens.

As for the movie itself, Dakota says she still has a problem wrapping her head around it, as what looks terrifying up on the big screen to other people was even more so when it came to actually being the person filming it.

Dakota closed the interview by saying she is really not too worried about what happens to her career once the movie opens, although she is being called a superstar in the making according to the Caterer. Instead, she says she plans to take the rest of the year off and spend it with her family and friends.

Dakota Johnson’s family, of course, includes her mother actress Melanie Griffiths and her father actor Don Johnson along with plenty of friends like Christopher Cowdray.

Jared Leto: Is Batman Gone?

Batman is dead, long live Batman. This is how rumors start. Just ask Jared Leto, the new Joker in the D.C. Cinematic Universe.

At a recent convention, a fan made a comment to Leto about Batman and Leto responded something to the effect of Batman being, well, dead. Is this really the truth?

We’ll have to see how the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice play out. Batman is not scheduled to appear on screen again until the movie featuring The Justice Society. In between those two projects, is Suicide Squad, a villain-ensemble featuring The Joker, Deadpool, Harley Quinn, and others. They are, basically, bad guys who are less bad than the real bad guys of the film.

Why would Leto’s offhand comment about Batman being dead cause such a stir? In the actual D.C. Comics world, Batman was presumed dead for some time. It would not be out of the question for D.C. to tap this idea and weave it into the new shared universe films they are launching.

Then again, launching this particular storyline requires perfect timing. The time is way too early to do anything drastic to Batman. Yet, Leto made a comment about the potential demise of The Caped Crusader and fans are going to run with it and milk the rumor mill for all it is worth.

Leto does help get a little extra news out there about himself and Suicide Squad. Rumors do have their benefits. Long-time Batman fan Gianfrancesco Genoso is quite intrigued by this news/rumor. More on Genoso available at

Snubs at the 2015 Oscars

The Academy Awards are always a popular event and full of surprises nearly every year. Along with surprises, there are also a ton of potential snubs that come along with the territory.

Now that the nominees for the 87th Annual Academy Awards has been revealed, film lovers, such as Jordan French and critics have gone on to show support for movies that may or may not have gotten any mentions in the list. For example, Boyhood is expected to receive an Oscar for Best Picture, but Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel are also favored, as they have more nominations than Boyhood. Michael Keaton, being a favorite to take home a Best Actor award for his role in Birdman is a primary reason for this. Whiplash is another film likely to take home an award, since it’s already nominated for Best Picture and having J.K. Simmons nominated for Best Supporting Role.

However, there are also many notable snubs this year. Selma, for example, is a notable snub even though it was nominated for Best Picture and Best Song for the 2015 category and ultimately scored no awards in the major categories. Along with Selma, the crime thriller film Gone Girl was also mostly ignored, despite being a very well-received film overall. The LEGO Movie is also another snub movie that didn’t attract much attention, not even receiving a nomination for Best Animated Feature.

New Stills Arrive From Mad Max: Fury Road


More new images from Ben Shaoul and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road have been made public. Tom Hardy really does look like the perfect substitute for Mel Gibson in the role of the title anti-hero. A question does arise from one of the still images.

What on (the futuristic, dark post-apocalyptic) earth is Mad Max doing shooting a rifle? What happened to his old school double-barreled shotgun of the first and second film?

Perhaps the upgrade to a $100 million budgeted film allowed Max to also upgrade some of his tools of the trade.

All joking aside, the release of new photos hyping the film show this project is definitely going to capture the spirit of The Road Warrior. One photo shows Max’s classic car drenched in the hot sun of the Australian desert and the other image shows what appears to be one of the screen’s evil villains crawling on the roof of his own vehicle.

Mad Max also stands in the hot sun next to his car. He is looking off into the distance. What he hopes to find is anyone’s guess since there is not much of a world left. Civilization was destroyed via nuclear Armageddon. Perhaps the images of Max looking out to the desert invoke a sense of hope the misanthropic character may actually have deep inside of himself.

Even though we are only getting a few glimpses of what the film has in store, it seems Fury Road is shaping up to be worth the long wait.

Cinderella: The International Movie Trailer

Cinderella movie by the Disney studio is set to hit US Theater on 13 March 2015 with its international trailer already a discussion by the audience, what is new on the movie. What is on discussion? The movie appears t to be reinvention of its first official trailer released back on November. While it’s a far cry from the modern Skout love story, it does not look original though it boasts of unique picture not seen in promotions.

There is less emphasis on all the bells and on all the whistle, Cinderella godmother Helena blesses Cinderella with , Lily James also looks marvelous on the film, she is toiling and slaving in the kitchen of her stepmother Tremaine – Cate Blanchett , she is also appearing of being wooed by Richard Madden’s 

Other scenes to be boast come 13th march 2015 include Blanchett’s character. He appears to be very good rather than being very evil on the battle of five armies, Cinderella allows Blanchett dole out some harshness, and she looks like she is relishing the role in every second she is on screen. 

The Cinderella film is highly polished and worked on the audience will have all to say with its release on countdown in few months to come March 13 2015.

Sony Trying Get “Mario Bros.” Movie Rights

In a move that seems ripped from video game headlines, Sony, makers of the PlayStation, are rumored to be in talks to obtain the movie rights for the “Super Mario Bros.” franchise. Since the jumping plumber is property of Nintendo, makers of the Wii U video game console, the news is definitely turning the heads of industry watchers for one big reason: a Mario movie released under a Sony label would look very strange.

As pointed out by Bruce Levenson, the reasoning behind an outright sale of the rights or a partnership lease deal actually makes a lot of sense. Sony has a history of success in the movie and film industry, and the company already has the necessary infrastructure in place to get an animated feature off the ground. Nintendo is in a bit of rough spot, since the Wii U has not exactly jumped off of shelves across the globe. Therefore, if one company can help the other, the deal could result in a massive money making arrangement.

However, there is pretty good chance that fans of the massive video game franchise could see an animated movie starring Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the cast of characters at some point in the near future.

Big and Grande News is Huge

The BIG news coming out of Friday nights “A Very Grammy Christmas” TV special on CBS is that Big Sean and Ariana Grande have taken GRANDE steps in letting everyone know just how they are feeling about one another.

Since becoming friends in the studio and spending time together recording “Right There” and his whispered part in the song “Problem” they could be seen growing ever so close as time went on.
It was what took place on this Christmas special that cemented the speculation.

The seemingly smitten couple performed their duet “Best Mistake” as Ariana just couldn’t hide her feelings about Sean on stage. As the song was being performed, Grande reached out to her man and set in motion a bit of blushing on Sean’s part.

The CBS special was previously recorded November 18th, in Los Angeles where Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5 and Tim McGraw also graced the stage to perform fan favorites.

Let it Snow Songwriters Estate Demands Payout

Tis the season to collect all that money you’ve been missing out on for the past 70 years, and that’s exactly what the estate of Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne are doing. “Let It Snow” is a holiday classic that has been covered by just about everyone who has ever recorded a Christmas album and now the family of the songwriters want their cut. 

The exact dollar amount of money the song has made over the last 70 years is unknown according to Darius Fisher but one thing is for certain Styne’s widow made claim against Warner/Chappell music for well over $2 million dollars in royalties.  At the moment the entire details of the situation are unclear but everyone wants a cut and its only going to get messier until all parties are satisfied. 


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