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Aaron Paul Teases Fans About a Jesse Pinkman Spinoff

Aaron Paul, who played the character of Jesse Pinkman in the hit series “Breaking Bad” announced the other day on his social media account that he had something big in the works that was related to playing Jesse Pinkman. His fans were elated to hear that they may see more of the meth cooker and drug dealer with a good heart on their small screen.

He posted on the social media site Periscope that Jesse’s story may not be over just yet. The 35-year-old actor confirmed from his room in a hotel in Boston that Jesse would be back in a spin-off series reports Igor Cornelsen. It would feature Jesse in Alaska after the events that happened in “Breaking Bad” took place. Jesse would be on the run and hiding out from anyone from his previous life who was looking for him.

A spin-off series featuring Jesse Pinkman would not be totally unbelievable. After all, character Saul Goodman got his own spin-off series recently, “Better Call Saul”, which takes place before the events of “Breaking Bad” does. However, Aaron may have just been pulling everyone’s leg. According to the story on The Daily Mail, Aaron then apologized to fans for pranking them, there was no spin-off for Jesse in the works. Fans were understandably upset, however Aaron posted that he was going to see “Mad Max” in theaters and invited them to join him.