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Diane Sawyer Wants Kris Jenner Apology

Bruce Jenner’s two hour 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer, is getting more attention now that everyone has had a chance to process everything that was said. Bruce kept his interview very positive and was more than happy to open up about his journey and even went into detail about knowing he wanted to be a woman since he was a little boy. It was very obvious that Bruce was ready to be open about everything he has been keeping inside for so long.

During the interview Bruce explained what it was like telling his first wife about his issues with his sexuality, over the course of the interview Bruce’s wives and children all agreed to speak about their experience since Bruce decided to go public with his journey. Diane insisted that Kris refused to speak with the show about her ex husband’s transition, however Kris claimed that she was never asked to participate. Ray Lane of E! says there is no way to really know, it’s just rumors.

Diane is not happy that Kris Jenner is flat out calling her a liar by saying that she was not asked to participate on the Bruce Jenner special. Now Diane wants Kris to issue an apology because there is proof that Diane’s team reached out to Kris on more than one occasion and she refused to comment. Of course one would wonder, if Diane reached out to all of Bruce’s wives and children who is going to believe that she didn’t reach out to Kris? Something doesn’t sound right.