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Do We Really Outgrow The Buddy System?


Millennials Are So Happy (Living And Working) Together

Everyone remembers those days in elementary school when you always needed a buddy for field trips and other things. This buddy system has continued into the adult world at least for the Millennials. This generation seems to thrive knowing that someone always has their back. We see that with the way they live and the way they work.

Millennials tend to live in groups. They also tend to work in groups. This is why the idea of co-working spaces seems to attract this generation. There is something to be said about having a great idea in the middle of the night and knowing that you can easily find someone to share it with. There is also something to be said about knowing that you have a safety net to catch you if things bottom out. This does not mean that this group does not work hard. As a matter fact they work very hard.

The trend of office sharing or co-working is growing in popularity and spaces can be found all across the United States. As the need continues to rise, more spaces will be turned into co-working colonies. Office sharing has been proven to be a productive way to get work done and for a group of people who enjoy or need to be around people to feel supported or even challenged, this is an ideal arrangement.

So thinking that a shared working space would be ideal, but not sure where to start? There are companies scattered around the country to help you find the location that is the most ideal for you. Take a company called Workville NYC for example. They are located in New York City which is seeing a large rise in people looking for a shared working environment. Workville’s New York Offices for rent provide the space along with some other perks like fresh coffee around the clock, mail services, printers, internet, phones, cleaning, dry cleaning, and even privacy. There space has terraces so you do not feel like you are closed in a box while you are working. There are spaces for meetings and spaces for when you want to be alone. It is a space that you can meet up with your buddy and know that someone has your back.

Using Online Reputation Management To Enhance Business Presence

What does your page 1 look like?

Today’s advanced electronics has made the world a much smaller space. Businesses can reach clients around the globe with a few strokes on their keyboards. Complaints can be dealt with in minutes not hours, and customers can spread the word (good or bad) about your business in seconds. Having the right presence on the internet is important for the strength of your business.

Online reputation management is important to ensure that what prospective consumers hear about your business is what you want them to hear. While no one can avoid all bad reviews it is necessary to offset the badand accentuate the good to continue doing business. Sometimes it is necessary to hire professionals to manage online presence.

Fix my online reputation!

That is what The Search Fixers do. They are a team of professionals that can enhance online presence and help maintain a positive word of mouth for business. SEO specialists work hard to make sure that searches for your business enhanceprofits and minimize bad press. They guarantee their services and perform all business in house.

Online reputation management affects all aspects of your business. Word of mouth is welcome when it is positive, although bad word mouth can seriously harm profits and presence. Bad reviews can result in bad word of mouth. Bad word of mouth can result in dropped sales. Dropped sales will results in lost profits.

What many businesses do not realize is that reversing bad word of mouth needs to be done fast. It can erode perceptions and do more harm than good for the business. What many do not realize is that a bad review does nothing but help competitors. As clients shy away from your business they will seek out others to do business with.

Think globally. Even if the business is small and deals with only local patrons it can have a global impact. Accentuate what the business does best and turn the focus on that and away from negative comments. Always keep things light and do not become bitter over comments made.

A key to remember is that there is no way to control what consumers, or even partners and employees say about the business. Everyone will have their own personal perception and opinion about the business. Having online reputation management is a perfect way to keep the positive flowing and minimize the negative. Deal with issues head on and have a team of professionals to help make your presence stronger.

Gold, Silver And Platinum From US Money Reserve Are You Thinking About Your Portfolio?

If you are investing and thinking about your future on, then you should consider looking into buying precious metals. The market for gold, silver and platinum coins is currently at a great point for investors to join in by purchasing actual assets. If you are working with a legitimate company to purchase your precious metals, then you should be purchasing the actual legal tender instead of a certificate saying that you purchased it, according to Gold Networks.

In a compelling article about gold, silver and platinum coins, Gold Networks talks about US Money Reserve. This company is one of the largest distributors of these types of precious metals. They offer a wide variety of specialized services to meet the diverse groups of clientele that they serve on a regular basis. US Money Reserve actually trains their employees, so when you work with them you are working with an individual who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field of precious metals. If you want to make a wise investment, then you should invest with professionals that you can trust.

The pros at US Money Reserve are available to help their clients reach their investment goals on They are able to help clients reach these goals by providing well researched information about the prices and expectations placed on gold, silver and platinum coin values. There are numerous clients who have trusted US Money Reserve to guide them in their investments, and these clients are doing well today with their financial planning strategies. It is a profitable market, so let US Money Reserve help you reach for the security that you have been longing for.

Buying Gold In Today’s Market

There’s an expectation placed around gold, silver and platinum. Precious metals are expected to retain value on, and the value is expected to go up. The Central Banks around the world have proven that this information is true by buying large amounts of gold reserves around the world. It is not only people, but nations are placing faith in the rising prices of gold. This article has more information on the reasons to buy precious metals.

If you would like more information on US Money Reserve, you should look at their social media accounts. They are active on Twitter, and you can follow them here. Follow them on LinkedIn here. Also, like them on Facebook here.

The Impact Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a modern day technology executive. She in fact is the creator of an exquisite and radiant make-up company called Lime Crime. This lady is making a statement in the market of cosmetics. Doe a natural beauty and style lover is aware that women want some thing exciting and different when it comes to makeup products.

For that reason she developed Lime Crime and only focuses on the most fashionable pigments in her line. Doe is recognized for her distinctive colors and shades. The lip gloss is striking because it is extremely shinny with ambiance. The gloss has glitter perfectly baked into it which gives a spectacular finish. This makeup is full of surprises and is not for the traditional types.

Doe transferred to the US from Russia to apply her creativity and innovative imagination. She sought to be a well-known recording artist but then realized her love for fashion and beauty. Also called the Unicorn Queen she made the decision to design a dream make-up collection. The make-up line presents lipsticks in shades like peachy pink, lilac blue, and deep red. Doe is involved in all the facets of her makeup line and is constantly thinking about new cutting edge colors. She has been experimenting with color since she was a little girl and has now mastered the art.

If you want to know about the latest beauty trends Lime Crime is a wonderful resource. I ended up staying in the online store for some time checking out all the extras. Doe Deere is experienced and tends to make use of all her creative talents to make her cosmetics pop. She makes certain that even her liquid liners feature crazy tones like lime green, silver, and purple. Doe herself seriously enjoys dressing up and changing into several one of a kind looks. There are a variety of images of Doe throughout the internet.

I find it enjoyable to let makeup be a way of transporting different feelings. This is why Lime Crime stands out in terms of motivating girls to use uncommon beauty products that have stunning color. Doe Deere likes the reality that all the elements of her business is not something common to the cosmetics world. She has a fantastic hair coloring series in a very similar style fresh with amazing shades like green, lilac, and pink.

I have been using makeup since I was a teenager and thought I saw it all. Lime Crime is more that just a cosmetics line. When you visit the online store is can easily take you on a journey into Doe’s colorful imagination. Opening yourself up to makeup ideas that you would not normally attempt. This is why Lime Crime is so special and loved.

Susan McGalla and Her Legacy

Susan McGalla maybe one of the most important females in the corporate world today. She has built a legacy as one of the most successful retail CEOs in the retail world. I have studied her and found that she has done a lot for other women that are interested in becoming part of the corporate workforce. In some ways she serves as motivation to those that are interested in corporation roles, but in other ways she is very instrumental in providing a roadmap for females that are trying to break free of the barriers. She has escaped the restrictions put on women. When I listen to her speak I know that I am getting wisdom from someone that has had to face a lot of challenges as one of the few women of her kind. She has been able to assert herself and rise in the position of CEO, but Susan McGalla is a rare breed. The number of female leaders in CEO positions is less than 10% in all businesses at a fortune 500 level. This number was even lower and Susan McGalla was holding the position of CEO for American Eagle. What this means is that she entered the corporate workforce during a time when things were even harder for females. Somehow she still managed to climb the corporate ladder and and pursue her dream to become a CEO.

The thing that ultimately makes the Susan McGalla of Bizjournals story so mesmerizing is the fact that she performed the duties of CEO not once, but twice. In time Susan McGalla would discovere that the best way to encourage others to become business leaders is by building their own businesses. It is during is time that she found her own marketing consulting organization. This was a bold move considering the millions of dollars that she made in the CEO roles for Wet Seal and American Eagle. Susan was confident in her abilities and this gave her the courage to step out and develop her own brand.

One might say that Susan is just another link in the chain for women in the corporate world. I would have to disagree with this. I think she is much more than another face in another position in the corporate world. I believe that Susan is a catalyst for women that may have filled that they could not achieve the position of CEO. She is one of the few leaders that has been able to achieve this more than once. That gives her special attention in the corporate sector. It shows that she the ability to turn companies around. It is her brand that is allowed her to transition to different roles and increase revenues streams for companies that hire her. This may be the best thing about following Susan McGalla. I have been seen her take on huge tasks and succeed. She is someone that other women should look to for guidance. She is a successful leader that has broken down barriers for females.

The Growth of Investment Banking


There are many companies that attempt to help customers build wealth over time. Highland Capital is one of the few companies that has been in business for many years and continues to see a high rate of growth in total customers and revenue. There are several things that set Highland Capital apart from other investment banks. Investment banks have grown overall in the past few decades as a result of people wanting a better return on their invested capital. One of the biggest indicators of the amount of wealth a person will be able to build over time is their rate of return on their investments. There are many people that just want to save their money in a bank where it is safe. However, over time these people will not have near the retirement they could if they invested it. Highland Capital has a large customer base that continues to grow every year. Here are several ways that Highland Capital is different from other investment banks and why they continue to grow so rapidly.

Customer Focus

Highland Capital works diligently to helps their clients reach their financial goals. Every person has a different set of goals, and based on those goals their investment strategy should be different. Many investment banks want to lump everyone in to the same investing strategy. However, at Highland Capital clients can get individual investing advice that will help them succeed over the long term. This is one of the biggest reasons why Highland Capital is so highly rated in the industry. Their customers know that the biggest factor that is driving Highland Capital is customer satisfaction. James Dondero founded Highland Capital many years ago on the basis that they would help all the people they could succeed with their finances.

Low Fees

Fees are a hot topic in the investment banking world today. There are many companies that charge clients thousands of dollars per year on their investments. In addition, there are some investment banks that charge a large annual percentage of the funds that are invested. After taking in to account the fees, many people would be better off simply investing on their own in an index fund that tracks the overall market. Highland Capital does not believe in high fee money management. Clients are then able to invest more money over time because they are not paying high fees to the company they are working with.

James Dondero

James Dondero has been able to build a business that helps thousands of people a year manage their money more efficiently. Highland Capital has grown ever year that it has been in business, and this is a direct result of the leadership of James Dondero.

Pulse Evolution Corporation And The Holographic Revolution

Pulse Evolution Corporation has become famous all over the world for developing hyper-realistic digital human beings, and it has produced some famous electronic doppelgangers. The likeness they are remembered for the most is of the pop singer Michael Jackson, which IMDB wrote appeared in a live performance at the Billboard Music Awards in 2014. This spectacle was seen by more than 11 million people and resulted in over 2,000 news articles and 98 billion internet impressions.

Because of its success, Pulse has made plans to become more fully reporting of its income and to be “uplisted” to a national exchange.

In a celebratory mood, company Executive Chairman John Textor made the following statement, “We are extremely pleased with the business and technology outcomes of our early development stages. We have quickly established ourselves as the early market leader in the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans for diverse applications. Our heavy investment from a committed group of strategic investors has positioned our company to be a leading developer of exciting new forms of entertainment and a pioneer in the powerfully emerging industries of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.”

Textor has a vision of the future that sees digital humans becoming commonplace. They will be performers on film and stage, as avatars for consumers, and of course, they will be all over the internet and social media. He sees Pulse as the future face of artificial intelligence, providing a structure that humans can relate to when they interact with AI. Textor knows a little something about this field. He has led digital productions on such hit films as Benjamin Button, Transformers, and Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End. The digital character he created for Benjamin Button resulted in an Academy Award.

Highlighting the NBA’s Biggest Question Marks

The NBA is one of the most diverse leagues in terms of turning the standings upside down on a year to year basis. For a recent example look at how the Miami Heat went from three straight NBA Finals appearances to missing the playoffs. Cleveland conversely went from being a 30 win team all the way to being a couple wins away from a championship. Of course a player named LeBron James swapped rosters and that made a difference, but there are plenty of examples elsewhere. So with NBA teams flipping up and down the standings we thought it’d be worth looking at a few of the NBA’s biggest question marks entering next season. Let’s start with…

Atlanta Hawks
Bruce Levenson bought the Hawks in 2002 and by 2007 he had them competing for a playoff seed every single season. Last year was his triumph as Atlanta broke a 50 year drought to make it into the Eastern Conference Finals before getting bounced by Cleveland. The Hawks have added veteran depth in the form of Tim Hardaway Jr and Tiago Splitter and they’ve gotten another year to grow together. Still, repeating 60 win seasons will be tough for Atlanta in a Southeast Division that got MUCH stronger this past season.

Chicago Bulls
The Bulls were mysteriously trounced by a Cleveland team that was barely able to walk due to injuries. The loss was particularly stinging as Chicago was fully healthy and had a Most Improved Player in Jimmy Butler anchoring the rotation. Though D-Rose hit a game winner, the Bulls folded and ended up firing Coach Thibs. Now Chicago is another year older with the same roster only now Jimmy Butler is getting paid max money and offense first coach Fred Hoiberg is in charge. The Bulls won 50 games last year with Cleveland ailing all season. If Rose is healthy we think Chicago can repeat that number, if not improve to around 55 total wins.

Dallas Mavericks
the Dallas Mavericks have had one of the most entertaining off seasons but it has been due to failure that we will remember it. Dallas lost out on big man DeAndre Jordan in a much publicized fiasco but they hit when they acquired Deron Williams and Zaza Pachulia for virtually nothing. Dallas also added shooting guard Wesley Matthews to their roster for a big paycheck. Matthews aw his season come to a premature end thanks to an injury but he still averaged a career high 16 points, 2 assists, and 4 boards per game as a sharpshooter with defensive ability. Dallas was barely in the playoffs last year but we think they will be much improved when this season rolls around even if people doubt them.

Joseph Bismark Makes Spiritual Changes to Marketing


I believe marketing is in serious need of a change. For one thing, I do notice that a lot of people in marketing do not have peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment as one of their goals. In fact, many businesses are run in a dishonest manner. In looking at this issue, I have found this article on the WordPress blog, named Please Don’t Ask Alice. This article talks about how Joseph Bismark is changing marketing. He is incorporating spirituality into business and marketing and showing how the two can work together. His approach to business has improved things on the employer and employee side of the issue as well as the customer’s end.

When I have read about Joseph Bismark’s business practices, I have noticed that he is practically the opposite of most other business owners. He does not act as if he is superior to others, even though he has started and owns the business. He see’s the same thing in everyone that has been revealed in himself. He understands that everyone has the potential to be great. It does not matter their background or their past. He understands that with the right environment, people will achieve great things. He also looks mostly at the benefit of the customer instead of just the bottom line of profits. 

As more people listen to Joseph Bismark, more people are looking for ways to apply the principles that he has learn and is teaching, to their business as well. They are also looking for ways to apply it in other areas of their lives too. Business is just one aspect of life. Other aspects include relationships, emotional well being, and mental health. As Joseph Bismark continues to change minds, he also continues to change the face of business. As more businesses adopt his principles, more business experience peaceful work environment and greater levels of success.

Will Scribd Free Download Ruin Copyright Infringement Claim?

On Wednesday, April 15, fans of Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard and Lionsgate were surprised when an author named Peter Gallagher filed a copyright infringement claim for $10 million. Gallagher noted the horror film “The Cabin in the Woods” had a striking number of similarities to his self-published book “The Little White Trip: A Night In the Pines,” including not only overall plot and horror trope similarities, but scene-by-scene, sequence of event, characterization, gender, name and clothing ones.

Many readers of the book agree with Gallagher, but others have pointed out that the book can be found free online onScribd and Gallagher should have no claim as a result.

Gallagher’s claim covers loss of revenues since 2012. The free copy may also be a case of copyright infringement — it’s unknown if Gallagher uploaded it or one of his readers. Christian Broda (linkedin) knows that, even if Gallagher did it, he published the print version of the book in 2006, which can be seen next to the copyright symbol on page six of the electronic copy. Additionally, a free copyrighted work is not fair game for Internet users to re-copy and distribute as they see fit. Those who believe the claim may be legit have also noted that Whedon, specifically, has been accused of infringement in the past with BtVS and Firefly. With Firefly, the Firefly universe, story and characters are strikingly similar to the Japanese anime Outlaw Star.

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