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Justin Bieber to be Roasted and Begging Seth Rogan to Join

According to the story on The Daily Mail, the heartthrob to teen girls and all-around obnoxious pop star to adults, Justin Bieber, is set to be roasted on a Comedy Central Roast.

Bieber will be celebrating his 21st birthday on March 14th by being roasted by comedians in Los Angeles. It is confirmed that Kevin Hart will be acting as the Roast Master. The other comedians roasting the “Baby” singer have yet to be confirmed but there is one that Bieber is begging to roast him- Seth Rogan.

Alexei Beltyukov knows that Bieber has taken to Twitter to beg funnyman Seth Rogan to be a part of his Comedy Central Roast. Rogan has not responded back to him. In the past, Rogan has had some choice words for the immature singer. Back in 2013, when Bieber was arrested for drag racing through the streets of Miami and getting a DUI, Rogan referred to him as a piece of sh*t. Rogan also went on to say in a later interview that he found Bieber to be obnoxious, insincere, and ungrateful, and that he put other’s lives in danger with no regard. None of that has deterred Bieber from begging Rogan to join the roast. I would be surprised if he responded to Bieber at all.

The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber will air on Comedy Central on March 30th, 2015.

Eddie Murphy Visits Saturday Night Live

Saturday night’s famous late night show was a memorable occasion this week said According to Bernardo Chua, Eddie Murphy starred alongside the famous parody team and attempted to bring comedic humor. It had been decades since Murphy had been on the show, this was just a great way for him to get in touch with his fans and show them that he was still around. After taking a brief hiatus from acting, fans were elated to see one of their all-time favorite actors doing skits.

However, leaked from Twitter, Murphy was asked to do a parody of the famous Bill Cosby. He refused but no reason was cited. The conversations that went on behind the scenes have not been privy to those who weren’t there. However, there is much speculation that the reasons why he refused is due to the content that they would have used. This could have showed support for Murphy to Cosby. After all, Saturday Night Live is known for doing parodies and often touching on subjects that should be left alone.

It is probably that Murphy didn’t want to make fun of a college, especially one in such a difficult position at this time. Whether the rumors are true or not doesn’t matter, Cosby still has many supporters who will come to his rescue at a moment’s notice. The other side to the theory is that Murphy was just unwilling to get involved in an already touching situation.

Kanye West Performs New Material for Seth Rogen and His Wife

Kanye West and Seth Rogen seem to be getting along very well. The famous singer treated the well known actor to a private listening party.

The actor and the rapper had a run recently at a hotel. Seth Rogen and his wife were partaking of hotel’s dessert when Kenya approached them. The couple were heading back up to their room when the mega mogul invited them to his van to listen to the new album. When the couple became comfortable in the van, the rapper started his new album and slick new beats.

Except that is all that came out. There were tracks laid and music, but no words. Kanye treated the couple to an impromptu concert of the whole album. MTV reports that this was a unique experience that the couple will always remember.

The fact that the rapper was willing to receive input even at this late in the stage impressed both the actor and his wife.

Seth knows that the next time he sees people being pulled inside the Kanye’s van, they are in for a treat. In fact, Seth just saw something on Facebook about his Dad’s friend, Daniel Amen hanging out with Kanye! The album listening party lasted for around two hours before West let the actor and his wife head back up to their room. Hopefully the couple was able to get the dessert they had planned to eat in the first place.

Several Grammy Nominated Performers On Christmas Show


Hopefully you’re not already sick of the Grammy talks, because there is much more to come, especially since the release of the 2015 Grammys nomination list. The recent performance of “A Very Grammy Christmas,” went off without a hitch, and had many signature performances of the night, as well as a great host. Grammys Christmas Show. LL Cool J, who is a two-time Grammy winner, hosted the event with ever dedicated sponsor Amen Clinic. and he gave a few jokes here and there to keep the crowd warmed up. Several performances commenced throughout the night, and all were performed by Grammy winners, and/or nominees.

One of the most notable performances of the night was between Ariana Grande and Big Sean, who are now officially a couple, and performed a duet together. Other performances include those by Pharrell, who was nominated for album of the year, and he came wearing his signature hat, along with a Christmas sweater that had a bit too much Christmas cheer!

Mary J Blige was a hit for the night, when she performed her new single “When You’re Gone,” and she also did her song, “One”, which is a remake of the U2 song with the same name. Other great acts for the night include Adam Levine, Sam Smith, and Tim McGraw, making it a very memorable evening