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Pulse Evolution Corporation And The Holographic Revolution

Pulse Evolution Corporation has become famous all over the world for developing hyper-realistic digital human beings, and it has produced some famous electronic doppelgangers. The likeness they are remembered for the most is of the pop singer Michael Jackson, which IMDB wrote appeared in a live performance at the Billboard Music Awards in 2014. This spectacle was seen by more than 11 million people and resulted in over 2,000 news articles and 98 billion internet impressions.

Because of its success, Pulse has made plans to become more fully reporting of its income and to be “uplisted” to a national exchange.

In a celebratory mood, company Executive Chairman John Textor made the following statement, “We are extremely pleased with the business and technology outcomes of our early development stages. We have quickly established ourselves as the early market leader in the creation of hyper-realistic digital humans for diverse applications. Our heavy investment from a committed group of strategic investors has positioned our company to be a leading developer of exciting new forms of entertainment and a pioneer in the powerfully emerging industries of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.”

Textor has a vision of the future that sees digital humans becoming commonplace. They will be performers on film and stage, as avatars for consumers, and of course, they will be all over the internet and social media. He sees Pulse as the future face of artificial intelligence, providing a structure that humans can relate to when they interact with AI. Textor knows a little something about this field. He has led digital productions on such hit films as Benjamin Button, Transformers, and Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End. The digital character he created for Benjamin Button resulted in an Academy Award.

The Great Acting in Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike is a story about male strippers who are really at the top of their game. This story is based on real life events of male strippers and the lives they lead. Magic Mike XXL is a story of a stripper who retired from the game, but then 3 years later decided to come back for one more epic performance. This is a story that obviously would be fun for women to watch, but there are also some men who might think that this is a fun movie to watch. There are individuals out there who may be offended by this movie, but overall it is a very fun movie to watch.

Crystal Hunt, who plays Lauren, is a very great actress in this movie. She has had a lot of success in Hollywood in recent years. She has been able to win Emmy awards and keep her name hot in the industry for a few years. She has been able to really give her career that boost that is needed. There are many different actresses who could have filled the part of Laura, but none who could have done it as eloquently as Crystal. This is something that is easily shown on the screen, not to be confused with CrystalHuntPhotography.

Overall, the full performances of the cast of Magic Mike XXL gives the film a great amount of credibility. This is something that has kept the sequel as a very substantial movie. Without these incredible actors, the movie would not be nearly what it is.

Actor Search for Spider-Man Narrows Down

After much debate and discussion by both fans and the media, it is now being reported that the actors who could be playing Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel movies have been narrowed down to two worthy contenders – Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland. These two have been favorites for playing the superhero whose teenage university years would be explored in movies to come. Both Butterfield and Holland and brilliant actors who look the part, so it would not be heartbreaking for the fans of either if the other one is chosen.

A lot of fans, however, are lamenting the loss of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. The actor did wonderful work in the latest movies and was actually a lot more popular than Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield was the amazing Spider-Man, in every sense of the word. After the franchise decided that it needed a new face for the makeover the character would be getting, it seems that Garfield is the one who has lost the most. Recently, it was also revealed how the actor found out that he wasn’t going to be Spider-Man any more.

However, the men of the moment are definitely Holland and Butterfield, the young actors who have already charmed critics and fans alike with their work on various high profile movies. Fans like Igor Cornelsen agree that it seems Butterfield is still the favorite to bag the role but only time will tell whether Marvel agrees with the public on this or not.

Diane Sawyer Wants Kris Jenner Apology

Bruce Jenner’s two hour 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer, is getting more attention now that everyone has had a chance to process everything that was said. Bruce kept his interview very positive and was more than happy to open up about his journey and even went into detail about knowing he wanted to be a woman since he was a little boy. It was very obvious that Bruce was ready to be open about everything he has been keeping inside for so long.

During the interview Bruce explained what it was like telling his first wife about his issues with his sexuality, over the course of the interview Bruce’s wives and children all agreed to speak about their experience since Bruce decided to go public with his journey. Diane insisted that Kris refused to speak with the show about her ex husband’s transition, however Kris claimed that she was never asked to participate. Ray Lane of E! says there is no way to really know, it’s just rumors.

Diane is not happy that Kris Jenner is flat out calling her a liar by saying that she was not asked to participate on the Bruce Jenner special. Now Diane wants Kris to issue an apology because there is proof that Diane’s team reached out to Kris on more than one occasion and she refused to comment. Of course one would wonder, if Diane reached out to all of Bruce’s wives and children who is going to believe that she didn’t reach out to Kris? Something doesn’t sound right.

A New Sound for One Direction

When it comes to boy bands, One Direction is one of the most popular ones out there. This band has stolen the hearts of teen girls everywhere. This band is even popular with girls who have not reached the teenage years yet. And then, this band also has a few fans, including Christian Broda (, who will admit that they enjoy their music even as adults. One Direction is a popular band, and they have announced that they are going to be going with a new sound on their next album.

That’s right, fans of the band One Direction need to be ready to hear something a little bit different from the band on their next album. It seems that One Direction is going to try to mimic Ed Sheeran on their next album. That is what the band claims, anyway. It makes one wonder if fans of Ed Sheeran will give a listen to One Direction’s next album.

Wiz Pours His Heart Out to Amber Rose in New Song

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, had what everyone watching would call a fast love. They hooked up almost immediately following Amber’s breakup with Kanye West and before anyone could blink Amber and Wiz were married with children. Unlike many couples in the public eye Amber and Wiz wasted no time flooding the internet with their love and adoration for each other. Fans at STX Entertainment know that if Wiz was on tour Amber was on stage, they were in love.

As it goes just as quickly as Wiz and Amber’s love arrived, it seemed to fade just as quickly. Amber was more open with her initial pain over the breakup than Wiz. While Amber was still posting depressing Tweets and photo quotes, Wiz was partying hard and dying his hair pastel purple. It started to look like Wiz could care less about his ending marriage or his family falling apart while he was on tour.

Now it looks like Wiz is finally ready to be honest about open up about his pain over the breakup, and his hopes the he and Amber can work it out. On a new song with Usher, Wiz goes into detail about his regret and pain with the way his relationship with Amber ended and the hole in his heart that she left, while Usher’s verse is begging his ex to move on. Who knows if the song will be enough to win Amber back, for now only time will tell.

Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Issues a Positive Report on His Health

Rock and roll icon, guitar great, and heavy metal pioneer, Tony Iommi, has released some very positive news. Iommi addressed recent rumors about his health and noted he is doing fine. Sadly, Iommi has been struggling with lymphoma in recent months.

The rumor mill was spinning due to the recent cancellation of Black Sabbath’s scheduled performance in Japan. While Black Sabbath cancelled the gig, lead singer Ozzy Osbourne is going to perform solo. Speculation emerged that the reason for this is because Iommi may have had to pull out due to his health. Once again, Iommi set the record straight and insists he is doing fine.

Questions are still in the air regarding why on earth the concert was cancelled in the first place. Bernardo Chua understands that, right now, no one knows the answers to any of those questions. Fans, honestly, expect as much. Black Sabbath reunions have a tendency to be a bit contentious since the true headliner of these reunions is really Ozzy. Without Ozzy, Black Sabbath can barely sell tickets. That is not a knock on Iommi’s work on the band, but simply using the name Black Sabbath without the original singer or the bulk of the original lineup has long since ceased to be a draw. Sure, it worked a bit during the 1980’s, but we’re in 2015 now.

Hopefully, the band will get back together in its original form and the “farewell” concerts end up being done right.

Ryan Reynolds Struck By Hit And Run Driver

One of the movies all of us comic book nerds are waiting to see is “Deadpool”. And if you are a comic book nerd you know that Ryan Reynolds will be portraying the insane, sometime superhero. The film is being shot in Vancouver, British Columbia where Reynolds was born. Well, on Friday April 10th Reynolds was walking through an underground parking garage when he was struck by a car driven by a paparazzi photographer who fled the scene. Reynolds was not injured. Maybe playing an invincible superhero has rubbed off on him.

Since the “Deadpool” movie is still shooting, the production company as well as Mr. Reynolds are lucky the accident wasn’t more serious. It could have been an incident where production could have been delayed or where Ryan had to be replaced or where the production had to shut down all together. Reynolds actually first portrayed the role of Deadpool in the 2009 movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Also if the accident had been more serious it could have had an adverse affect on his family. He and his wife, Blake Lively just had their first child. A little girl they named, James.

Reynolds seems to be taking the incident all in stride. He jokingly tweeted back to a buddy Dan Newlin, who asked how he was doing, that he would call if the network would put the show “Beachcombers” back on the air. The Show run from 1972 to 1990.

One Direction Band Loses a Member

Some people may have said that it would only be a matter of time. Everything was too perfect. One Direction had been around for several years and no one had left the group. No solo projects had been done. Now Zayn Malik has left the group.

When the story first broke it seems that Zayn was just exhausted from all of the touring. It appeared to be a temporary break in the beginning. He was cited as being stressed out. Now it appears that he has officially left the group for good. At such a young age there are a lot of people split about the group. Some people believe that he will eventually return in the spotlight as a solo artist. Zayn, after all, is a songwriter. Anastasia Date ( employees believe that he may do what he said he wanted to do: live life and enjoy his time away from the spotlight.

There are a lot of people that come into entertainment, but a lot of people cannot handle this pressure. The tours and the constant time away from home can take a huge toll on an individual. That is why Malik may be making a permanent decision to stay out. No one knows what has happened. There may be a group conflict that has yet to be revealed. Either way, his fans are going to miss his contributions to the group.

Iggy’s Tour Pushed Back

Unfortunately a lot of news happened when it comes to Iggy Azalea and her upcoming tour with Nick Jonas and Tinashe. It seems that neither will be joining her anymore in her tour, and the tour itself isn’t happening until the fall, according to the Australian born rapper.

Iggy has a great show planned out for her fans, and the amount of effort and energy that requires building a set like that takes a long time. Not to mention all the implications of dealing with putting the stage up every couple of days, and taking the stage down. Jason Halpern ( has read that sometimes the stage will have to be put up overnight and taken down right after the show. The preparation made before the tour determines how well the show will do, and unless the fans are satisfied which we are sure they will be, the push back and the extra preparations are totally worth it.

Iggy has taken a break from social media after a long year of gossip and drama that only made her loose focus of what the original goal was, which was to make music. She thinks that she is a much calmer person without the constant updates of social media.

She will be back using her social media accounts by the time her tour starts, but until then it’s peace of mind for Iggy.

It seems like she needs all her focus on her tour now and not on gossip.