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Actor Search for Spider-Man Narrows Down

After much debate and discussion by both fans and the media, it is now being reported that the actors who could be playing Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel movies have been narrowed down to two worthy contenders – Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland. These two have been favorites for playing the superhero whose teenage university years would be explored in movies to come. Both Butterfield and Holland and brilliant actors who look the part, so it would not be heartbreaking for the fans of either if the other one is chosen.

A lot of fans, however, are lamenting the loss of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. The actor did wonderful work in the latest movies and was actually a lot more popular than Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield was the amazing Spider-Man, in every sense of the word. After the franchise decided that it needed a new face for the makeover the character would be getting, it seems that Garfield is the one who has lost the most. Recently, it was also revealed how the actor found out that he wasn’t going to be Spider-Man any more.

However, the men of the moment are definitely Holland and Butterfield, the young actors who have already charmed critics and fans alike with their work on various high profile movies. Fans like Igor Cornelsen agree that it seems Butterfield is still the favorite to bag the role but only time will tell whether Marvel agrees with the public on this or not.

Ryan Reynolds Struck By Hit And Run Driver

One of the movies all of us comic book nerds are waiting to see is “Deadpool”. And if you are a comic book nerd you know that Ryan Reynolds will be portraying the insane, sometime superhero. The film is being shot in Vancouver, British Columbia where Reynolds was born. Well, on Friday April 10th Reynolds was walking through an underground parking garage when he was struck by a car driven by a paparazzi photographer who fled the scene. Reynolds was not injured. Maybe playing an invincible superhero has rubbed off on him.

Since the “Deadpool” movie is still shooting, the production company as well as Mr. Reynolds are lucky the accident wasn’t more serious. It could have been an incident where production could have been delayed or where Ryan had to be replaced or where the production had to shut down all together. Reynolds actually first portrayed the role of Deadpool in the 2009 movie “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Also if the accident had been more serious it could have had an adverse affect on his family. He and his wife, Blake Lively just had their first child. A little girl they named, James.

Reynolds seems to be taking the incident all in stride. He jokingly tweeted back to a buddy Dan Newlin, who asked how he was doing, that he would call if the network would put the show “Beachcombers” back on the air. The Show run from 1972 to 1990.

Macdonald Reveals Insights Into Eddie Murphy SNL Mix-Up

Norm Macdonald took to Twitter on Wednesday, February 18, to clear the air a bit about some of the behind the scenes decisions that took place during the creation of Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary Special.

Macdonald did not start writing the episode until the Monday preceding the live airing. Celebrity Jeopardy was one of the biggest focuses for the night. He purposely wanted the episode to show Connery as abusive, Reynolds as dismissive and Trebek struggling to deal with the contestants played by the actors and comedians who best do these respective impersonations.

Macdonald also revealed that one of the reasons Eddie Murphy was unprepared was because they had to make last minute changes to how Murphy would participate. Murphy had long ago made SNL the show to watch and they definitely wanted him to return. The idea was to have him play Bill Cosby in Celebrity Jeopardy because of his fantastic past impersonations.

Haidar Barbouti has learned that by Saturday, Macdonald was not even sure that Murphy was going to participate let alone perform Cosby. Murphy finally did show up, but he refused to “kick a man when he’s down” after an hour of Macdonald trying to convince him to play Cosby.

This revelation comes on the heels of other Murphy friends and insiders noting this week that one of the reasons Murphy has not done stand up in years is because he suffers from stage fright.

Hamill to Don Old Trickster Costume


Maybe the producers of The Flash television series are interested in having a little bit of fun. Mark Hamill, as most fans know, is returning as The Trickster. He first played the villain in the 1990’s version of The Flash television series. To say the costume he wore was gaudy would be the understatement of the century. The costume was evocative of the worst elements of the campy late 1950’s D.C. comic books in which silliness ruled the day.

Word has it on that the old Trickster is apparently less than thrilled a new Trickster has shown up on the scene. Hamill’s Trickster decides the time is right to make a comeback and set the youngster straight which will be an interesting introduction to old fans of the comic series like Sergio Lins Andrade.

Hamill’s character will also be a sad sack of sorts. The aged Trickster is going to be an old anarchist who never really left the past behind. He also cannot stand the new Trickster is “messing up” his legacy.

How does The Flash fit into the mix. Surely, he is going to try and stop the evil Trickster (old and new versions) from allowing their mayhem to cause harm to anyone caught in the crossfire.

No, don’t look for an episode that wallows in way too much seriousness. That is not the nature of The Flash television show. The show is about having fun and enjoying old school superhero adventures.

Such is the theme we are bound to see when Hamill returns to his Trickster suit in the episode.

X-Men or X-Factor: Is A New Marvel Series Coming to Fox?

Marvel just might be taking a page out of the handbook of D.C. Comics and is looking to produce a TV series coincides with their movie endeavors. Actually, Fox TV is pondering bringing a X-Men inspired project to the small screen. Marvel Comics has not yet provided any approvals or go-aheads. No green light has been given.

An X-Men TV series might have to take place in a new universe since the stars from the film are not going to be making any appearances. Perhaps Marvel/Fox will follow the D.C. approach.

Fans like Brian Torchin of wonder: What approach is that?

The Flash and Arrow are two inter-twined TV series based on D.C. Comic books, but they will have nothing to do with the expanded D.C. Comics Cinema Universe that begins with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the 2017 release of The Justice League, a completely new Flash who is totally removed from the TV Flash.

Then again, the series could follow the SHIELD strategy and be part of, yet removed, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Instead of the X-Men, we could see a series with X-Factor. The X-Factor book was a spinoff of the X-Men. Many years ago, the popularity of X-Men comics spawned a host of mutant titles and mutant teams.

Could this be the project Marvel and Fox choose to move forward with?

Time will tell, but something featuring heroes is going to show up on Fox. The subgenre of superhero fantasy tales is too hot for such a television series not to be made.