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ClassDojo Takes The Cake In Classroom Innovation

A child’s learning experience starts from the moment they are born, and continues throughout adulthood. As parents, we are there for every moment that life and busy schedules may allow. It seems that being involved in your child’s early learning experiences happened naturally, but what happens when they enter their first year of elementary school? For most parents, work and other life events prevent them from being as involved in their child’s school day and school related activities.


When Jill Smith, a mother to a vibrant and hardworking fifth grader found herself asking these questions, she found her answers with in the innovative educational app, ClassDojo. Like thousands of other parents, Smith enjoys the ability to communicate with her sons teacher, and receive exciting updates about his day. Parents can download and access the app on their cell phone and other smart devices, granting them virtual access to their child’s classroom at any time during the school day.


When ClassDojo founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary took a good look at the world of education, the felt a few things could use a bit of improvement. Seeing the lack of parental involvement in the classroom, they put their heads together to develop a platform for parents, teachers and students. Class Dojo was built on their determination and promise to improve the rate of communication and parental involvement in every classroom. The app is free and secure, offering parents a worry free way to stay involved in their child’s school day, and acknowledge their accomplishments in the classroom.


Teachers find ClassDojo convenient not only because of the ability to communicate with parents, but also the ability to store and track data. Anything that is uploaded is automatically tracked in ClassDojo innovative system, providing convenience and reliability to educators around the globe. Dojo also offers a great way to encourage students though its social medias like platform. Parents can like and comment on photos, videos and classwork, or communicate with their child’s teacher regarding their day. The point based system is a great way to encourage children to demonstrate positive behaviors throughout the school day, and setting a good example for friends and classmates. Today more than 85% of schools in the United States have implemented the use of ClassDojo, and parents and teachers are being connected, one video at a time.