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Bob Reina Introducing the New Live Meetings Feature for Real-Time Communication Online

The companies these days have to find new ways to woo more customers and enhance their market reputation and sales. There are many companies out there trying to dominate their niche, and one of the factors that play a huge role in how the company fares in the mainstream market are how good is their marketing strategies. While there are many different marketing strategies that enterprises are implementing, one approach that has been particularly helpful is the video marketing strategy. Talk Fusion is a company that provides comprehensive video marketing solutions for the small and medium-sized enterprises, which have been useful in increasing the revenue of the businesses by penetrative marketing strategies.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007, and it is a direct selling company that means that the company markets its products through its thousands of affiliates spread across the globe. It is a useful marketing strategy because it has helped Talk Fusion in establishing the company’s position in over 140 countries. Moreover, Talk Fusion continues to add new features and technologies that support the business in upgrading its existing technologies and providing more features for the convenience of the end users. One of the new technologies that were recently added by Talk Fusion is the Live Meeting feature that helps with real-time communication with the help of Web RTC system. It is a unique feature that allows the companies hold live virtual conferences with the support of video-based communication.


The new Live Meeting feature introduced by Bob Reina recently helps the companies to hold live video conferences and the best part is its increased product capabilities. It can have 15 hosts and 500 participants, which showcases the scale at which it can operate. The participants, as well as the guests, can be the part of the video conference through their PC, mobile or even tablet. The mobility that such a feature can provide is unimaginable, and it makes holding meetings remotely much easier than ever before. Bob Reina understands the challenges that new age businesses face these days and it is for this very reason; he continues to invest in research and development to come up with a new video-based marketing and communication products to help the enterprises with their business.


The best part about this new Live Meetings feature is that the users don’t have to download any application separately, but can access it through the browser itself. Bob Reina says that it would make it easier for the companies to hold live conferences online. Learn more: