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A Pioneer Paving The Way

The future is now and iFunding, a prominent real estate marketplace utilizing a crowd-funding model is leading the way. Via technology, the innovative, revolutionary platform unites top of the line Developers and Property Owners with investors. In some ways, their overall operation revolves around the facilitation of efficient business, plain and simple. In other words, iFunding grants both sides of the party collectively beneficial answer to the work surrounding raising real estate finances. In particular, iFunding provides opportunities in investing to certified professionals, in addition to deals as affordable as five-thousand dollars. In particular, iFunding manages debt and select equity fundraising focus on a diverse number of different properties. Specifically everything from condominiums and apartment buildings, hotels, malls, large family homes, single homes, as well as other buildings. Notably, the iFunding app has acquired a much deserved reputation for consistency and quality, achieved through their profound commitment to investors, to whom they offer a platform built on transparency and service. Known for their flexibility and array of expertise in a multitude of project based funds, iFunding has earned their status and recognition for their game-changing approach to the investment world. William Skelley, the celebrated founder of iFunding is a true student of the market, having become known for his progressive willingness to think outside of the box, not to mention his foresight and ability to articulate just how his world works.

William Skelley has amassed a slew of experience in the business world on a number of different levels. He has worked with Dr. Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor, and founder of the hedge fund, Rose Park Advisors, where Skelley served as Principle. Additionally, CrunchBase indicates that Skelley has spent time working, advising many start-ups, while putting in time at Bain Capital, General Electric, and Olympus.

As far as his education is concerned, William Skelley attended Harvard Business School, and met Dr. Clayton Christensen. Now, in 2016, he’s scheduled to appear on an episode of ‘The Stoler Report’ concentrating on the progression of major real-estate practice. There’s no question that iFunding CEO and founder, William Skelley is a new pioneer in the ever-shifting world of real estate. His ability to adapt, and provide a progressive model of business that succeeds in conjunction with his wisdom concerning the market shows a man of not only intelligence, but also virtue and a consideration for his practice and it’s affect on the globe as a whole.