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Create Glitter Nails Using Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter

Glitter nails look enchanting. Have you ever wanted to achieve this look for a party, but it didn’t quite turn out as you had hoped? Did you buy clumpy glitter nail polish that looked better in the bottle than it did on your nails? Try this loose glitter technique and you will be amazed at your sparkly nails.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime offers a wide selection of Zodiac Eye Glitter. But this glitter can be used on your nails as well. The “Cancer” glitter is a beautiful turquoise and the “Aquarius” glitter is a vibrant indigo. There are so many colors to choose from including gold, silver, red, fuchsia, white, black, iridescent, lavender, emerald and more. These glitters can also be combined to create a beautiful ombre effect.

If you are using the same Lime Crime glitter for glitter eyes, make sure that you carefully pour the glitter and do not roll your finger that is covered in glue directly in the glitter pot. You do not want to contaminate your eye glitter supply by mixing it with glue or top coat.

Some of the materials you will need to complete this look are Elmer’s glue, loose glitter, paper to catch the glitter, nail polish and a top coat. You want to select a shade of nail polish that matches the glitter well. Before applying your base coat of nail polish, apply a coat of Elmer’s glue and let that dry. This will make it much easier to remove the glitter nail polish later, the glue will allow it to peel off in a clean manner that does not leave frustrating glitter residue.

After you have painted the base coat of nail polish, let it dry. Now apply the Elmer’s glue on top of your base coat. (If you are adverse to using the glue you can use a top coat instead, but the glue holds the glitter better than the topcoat.) Make sure the glue covers your entire nail, then lightly pour the glitter on your nail. Make sure to have paper underneath your nails when completing this task. The first time you are attempting this you may just want to practice on your thumbs.

After you have applied the glitter to your nails, take a cotton swab and nail polish remover to remove the excess glitter from your cuticle. Next, apply a top coat of clear nail polish. Use the paper to clean your clear nail polish brush before dipping it back into the bottle. You will probably need to apply a total of three top coats. The glitter should be quite secure and should not be flaking off.

Glitter nails require a bit of patience. They might turn out a bit messy if you try to apply the glitter too fast. But if you take you time, your nails will be spectacular. You will never just reach for a bottle of glitter nail polish again. Applying the glitter directly to your nails allows your nails to shimmer and shine!

A New Sound for One Direction

When it comes to boy bands, One Direction is one of the most popular ones out there. This band has stolen the hearts of teen girls everywhere. This band is even popular with girls who have not reached the teenage years yet. And then, this band also has a few fans, including Christian Broda (, who will admit that they enjoy their music even as adults. One Direction is a popular band, and they have announced that they are going to be going with a new sound on their next album.

That’s right, fans of the band One Direction need to be ready to hear something a little bit different from the band on their next album. It seems that One Direction is going to try to mimic Ed Sheeran on their next album. That is what the band claims, anyway. It makes one wonder if fans of Ed Sheeran will give a listen to One Direction’s next album.

Wiz Pours His Heart Out to Amber Rose in New Song

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose, had what everyone watching would call a fast love. They hooked up almost immediately following Amber’s breakup with Kanye West and before anyone could blink Amber and Wiz were married with children. Unlike many couples in the public eye Amber and Wiz wasted no time flooding the internet with their love and adoration for each other. Fans at STX Entertainment know that if Wiz was on tour Amber was on stage, they were in love.

As it goes just as quickly as Wiz and Amber’s love arrived, it seemed to fade just as quickly. Amber was more open with her initial pain over the breakup than Wiz. While Amber was still posting depressing Tweets and photo quotes, Wiz was partying hard and dying his hair pastel purple. It started to look like Wiz could care less about his ending marriage or his family falling apart while he was on tour.

Now it looks like Wiz is finally ready to be honest about open up about his pain over the breakup, and his hopes the he and Amber can work it out. On a new song with Usher, Wiz goes into detail about his regret and pain with the way his relationship with Amber ended and the hole in his heart that she left, while Usher’s verse is begging his ex to move on. Who knows if the song will be enough to win Amber back, for now only time will tell.

John Stewart’s Final Daily Show

A comedic era is coming to a close; John Stewart will be leaving the Daily Show in August. Stewart announced last night that he would be hosting his final show on the 6th of August, and beginning a new career as the “non-host of the Daily Show”. The veteran comedian promised that he would be wearing a suit and showered, but quickly amended this to wearing overalls, and unshowered. Stewart also announced that the final show’s tickets would be distributed via a raffle. As Igor Cornelsen understands, winners will be flown in, stay in a hotel paid for by Comedy Central, and be live in studio for the final episode. Profits from the raffle are set to go to Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars”. The charity group focuses on autism education, and Stewart has played an active role in many of their events.

As was previously announced, South African comedian Trevor Noah will be taking John Stewart’s place. It is currently unknown if the show will resume on August 7th with the new host, or if a brief downtime will follow Stewart’s departure.

Does Showtime Need Lynch?

As many fans learned this Sunday, David Lynch has supposedly decided to pull out of Showtime’s limited series revival of Twin Peaks. At this point, whether this is a negotiation tactic on Lynch’s part remains to be seen. Many people have pointed out the obvious: A new version of Twin Peaks could do perfectly fine without David Lynch.

Lynch only directed six episodes during the original two season run and he only played FBI Agent Gordon Cole in a few more. Lynch and Mark Frost have already written the episodes and Lynch has stated his willingness to allow Showtime to use the scripts. Although Lynch’s directorial genius can’t be denied, there are plenty of directors who could make the Twin Peaks revival spectacular and as quirky as the original without him.

Of course, should Showtime go that route?

Lynch’s argument is that his vision can’t be fulfilled with the current budget. Some wonder why they went with Showtime at all. Sam Tabar agrees that Showtime is notorious for trying to get the best for next to nothing. Many believe negotiations would have been better with HBO or Netflix.

Showtime insists Twin Peaks will be released in 2016 as planned. Of course, original cast members who are loyal to Lynch may still pull out. If so, the pre-written Twin Peaks scripts that took 25 years to see the light of day may prove worthless to the premium cable network.

Things To Know About Iggy and Britney’s “Pretty Girls”

Legends have a way of coming back into our lives one way or another, and in this case its Britney Spears making a song with new hip hop star Iggy Azalea called “Pretty Girls”. The song is supposed to come out on Cinco de Mayo which is May 5th, and the fans couldn’t be more excited to hear this song.

Britney had no problem making music that topped the charts in her day, and now that she is making a comeback, new fans of Iggy and old fans of Britney are both finally uniting to create a huge following for the new colab. This colab has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. So many rumors came and went mentioning the dates and style of the new song, but realistically no body knows exactly how the song is going to come out.

This all started when Britney was asked in an interview who she would ever work with, and her two choices were between Katy Perry and Iggy. Next was Iggy’s response to a fan on Twitter when asking if she would ever work with Britney Spears, and her answer was “I did and it was amazing.” The tweet was posted on November 21st which means by now the song should already be finished and is just getting ready to hit the billboards.

Many fans (like Brian Torchin) and rumors said that the song will be about booty just like her colab with Jlo but Iggy being her outgoing honest self responded right away to the tweet saying that the two songs have nothing in common, and it is not going to be about Booty.

One Direction Band Loses a Member

Some people may have said that it would only be a matter of time. Everything was too perfect. One Direction had been around for several years and no one had left the group. No solo projects had been done. Now Zayn Malik has left the group.

When the story first broke it seems that Zayn was just exhausted from all of the touring. It appeared to be a temporary break in the beginning. He was cited as being stressed out. Now it appears that he has officially left the group for good. At such a young age there are a lot of people split about the group. Some people believe that he will eventually return in the spotlight as a solo artist. Zayn, after all, is a songwriter. Anastasia Date ( employees believe that he may do what he said he wanted to do: live life and enjoy his time away from the spotlight.

There are a lot of people that come into entertainment, but a lot of people cannot handle this pressure. The tours and the constant time away from home can take a huge toll on an individual. That is why Malik may be making a permanent decision to stay out. No one knows what has happened. There may be a group conflict that has yet to be revealed. Either way, his fans are going to miss his contributions to the group.

Pharrell’s Song “Happy”, May Be Subject To Lawsuit

By now, everyone should know that Pharrell and Robin Thicke lost the lawsuit levied against them, for their popular song “Blurred Lines.” Marvin Gaye’s family members sued both artists, because they believed that the song infringed upon the copyright of their father’s song, “Give It Up.” Pharrell and Robin Thicke must fork over 7,000,000 plus dollars to the family, but it looks as if their troubles may not be over yet. Although Robin thick recently had a birthday party, and enjoyed himself, for rail may still have legal issues ahead.

Rumors are flying around that the Gaye family, may go back after Pharrell, for the song “Happy,” because it’s similar to another Marvin Gaye song entitled, “Ain’t That Peculiar.” An interview was done with the Gaye family members, and they stated that the rumor is untrue, and that they had no plans of going after Pharrell again for anything. The family members also state that they are very satisfied with the settlement from “Blurred Lines.”

The entire lawsuit is setting a new precedent, meaning that a songwriter can create a song from scratch, but if it sounds similar to another song, then they may have to pay big dividends. Back in the early 90s, Vanilla Ice did not practice higher education customer service when he created “Ice Ice Baby,” which was an exact copy of a “Under Pressure.” However, he denied that this was the case. The “Blurred Lines” lawsuit may change the music industry’s future.

Teenager Genius Guitarist Doesn’t Care About Haters

When it comes to being a 15 year old with a Youtube channel that gets millions of views, you must be doing something right. And in the case of Tina S., her guitar skills have gotten her the attention of millions of viewers from YouTube in addition to some of the world’s current best guitarists Wolfgang Van Halen and Patrice Vigier.

Tina made a cover of Van Halen’s hit son “Eruption” that by itself has gotten her 11 million views on that one song. That was one good cover, and looking at the girl play, she is definitely headed for rockstar status.

Although Tina is an amazing genius guitarist with a very bright future in the passion she has been involved with since she was 6 years old, there are still those internet trolls that love to hate on everyone no matter how hard the accomplishment was. Needless to discuss why haters gotta hate, Tina does not care whatsoever about these people and thinks that they don’t deserve the time of the day to be responded to. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG agrees that whether she was a girl or a boy should not affect her ability to become an amazing guitarist.

Young Tina gives credit for her skills to Ana Vidovic and Orianthi, two of her favorite female guitarists and of course her guitar instructor Renaud Louis Servais, who got her from the basics all the way to where she is now.

Ariana Grande Becomes A Transgender Activist!

Everyone knows Ariana Grande as the small girl with a big voice. But more recently she’s being known as an activist for the T in the LGBT community. Most of her songs give you that fun, upbeat party feel that none of us can deny enjoying, and her song ‘Break Free’ is quickly becoming an anthem for transgender youth across the globe!

The songs upbeat and fun lyrics could be applied to almost anything, but most recently “The Glee Projects” star Tyler Ford has applied them to his own life, and breaking free from the gender roles that society places onto the shoulders of people young and old. Tyler is a 21 year old FTM (female-to-male) transgender who is the first ever openly transgender person to appear on “The Glee Project”.

Tyler has been tweet things like “this is the part when i break free from cisheteropatriarchy” in which Ariana responded with “omg i love u”, which we can only assume means she loves and totally supports the change on lyrics! Because of her accepting open mindedness, Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that Ariana is quickly becoming a favorite among the youth in the LGBT community who have always looked up to her and her point of views.

Ford is also becoming a role model of sorts due to his ability to educate and inform people without having to do it in such a cruel way where he has to insult others.

These two make a pretty good team!

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