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Renown Around Nevada, Renown Health

Reno Nevada The Summit Mall is receiving a renowned facility when it comes to health, Renown Health. Renown Health will be opening a Family Practice Clinic which will be located in the Summit Mall Plaza found in South Reno. The new clinic is SEPTA serve citizens and visitors the Reno area. Providing a setting that is warm welcoming and remnant of your living room Renown Health wants to offer Health Care Services that are renowned around town.

The medical director of Renown Medical Group Dr. McCormack expressed how Renown Health has opened its doors to provide a more welcoming atmosphere for those seeking the facilities services. The new clinic is a state-of-the-art 10,000 square-foot facility covering three vacant storefronts. With Truckee Meadows nearby in Reno, it’s growing population will need access to quality medical facilities such as the services provided by Renown Health.

Serving Nevada With Renown Health Care

Renown Health is known around town not only in Reno Nevada but other areas such as Fallon, Fernley, and Carson City Nevada to just to name a few. When you’re looking for a cutting-edge medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment to care for your health needs visit the professionals that are known all around town at Renown Health.

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Professional knowledgeable staff
  • Top quality care
  • Cutting edge technology

Becker’s compiled a list of 100 great Community Hospitals in which Renown South Meadows Center was honored for the second consecutive year. When it comes to state-of-the-art and cutting-edge medical technology in a facility second-to-none you’ll find what you’re looking for when you visit Renown Health. Everything from imaging and X-ray services to lab services, urgent care centers, and primary care doctors are waiting for you to come see the difference Renown Health makes and why they’re known all around town. Read more about Renown Health:

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Booming Plastic Surgery Practice

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon that operates a practice in Texas. She is actually from Austin, Texas, and went to school in Texas. Dr. Walden has lived in Texas throughout her entire career, with the exception of when she operated her own practice out of New York City.

Dr. Jennifer Walden started her career by attending UT-Austin for her undergraduate degree. Walden earned a degree in biology with the highest honors in 1994. She then went to the UT Medical Branch to earn her medical doctorate, which she did in 1998. Jennifer Walden had to complete a residency program, which lasted until 2003. Then, she had to undergo fellowship training in New York City.

Walden decided to start up a plastic surgery practice in New York City, since she was living there anyway with her husband and children. After a few years of living in the big apple, she decided that she wanted her boys to be able to grow up near their aunt, uncles, and cousins, so they moved back to Austin, Texas. Shortly after moving back, Walden started up a plastic surgery practice in Austin, just like she planned. Dr. Jennifer Walden still operates the practice in Austin, Texas, to this day.

Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. She is the recipient of a long list of awards, some of the most pretigious of which include the Best Scientific Exhibit Award, the Isabella H. Brackenride Scholarship Award, the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citationa, and the Best of 2012 Plastic and Cosmetic Award by the Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine.

Dr. Walden caters to many wealthy people and people of prominence. Her practice offers a vast array of plastic surgeries, including packages that offer to fly you from wherever you live to her office in Austin, Texas, and back. Known for frequently working on celebrities, she has been featured on many large news channels, such as VH1, FOX, and NBC, to name a few.

Despite being so busy with work, Dr. Walden still manages to find enough time to dedicate herself to philanthropic and volunteer work from time to time. She has served at the El Buen Samairtano Missionary Health Clinic in Austin, the Leo Leader Elementary School, and New York City Department of Health Medical Reserve Corps.