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Diane Sawyer Wants Kris Jenner Apology

Bruce Jenner’s two hour 20/20 special with Diane Sawyer, is getting more attention now that everyone has had a chance to process everything that was said. Bruce kept his interview very positive and was more than happy to open up about his journey and even went into detail about knowing he wanted to be a woman since he was a little boy. It was very obvious that Bruce was ready to be open about everything he has been keeping inside for so long.

During the interview Bruce explained what it was like telling his first wife about his issues with his sexuality, over the course of the interview Bruce’s wives and children all agreed to speak about their experience since Bruce decided to go public with his journey. Diane insisted that Kris refused to speak with the show about her ex husband’s transition, however Kris claimed that she was never asked to participate. Ray Lane of E! says there is no way to really know, it’s just rumors.

Diane is not happy that Kris Jenner is flat out calling her a liar by saying that she was not asked to participate on the Bruce Jenner special. Now Diane wants Kris to issue an apology because there is proof that Diane’s team reached out to Kris on more than one occasion and she refused to comment. Of course one would wonder, if Diane reached out to all of Bruce’s wives and children who is going to believe that she didn’t reach out to Kris? Something doesn’t sound right.

Kanye West Is Getting Trolled By A Beck Superfan

It seems to everyone that Kanye West will never learn his lesson. After so much drama happening the last time he pulled the mic from Taylor Swift’s hands, he should have learned that his opinions about who should win should stay with him and him only. He has no right whatsoever to even open his mouth in these ceremonies and he should thank God for being there in the first place instead of using the one night a year he has to show how much he’s grown and sabotage his entire progress.

Although the whole Kanye thing with Beck should have passed by now and people should be getting over it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still piss people off how rude and ignorant Kanye sounded that night.

It doesn’t matter that Kanye took to Twitter to apologize to Beck saying his album was “Actually Pretty Good”. Beck has millions of fans and they think his album is good.

The cyber revenge has begun and Kanye has now created the newest breed of haters, the cybertrollers.

As of right now, if anyone types in, your search engine will redirect you to Kanye West’s wikipedia page. That must hurt in every angle.

Bernardo Chua told me he checked earlier today and PR News Wire hasn’t yet reported on what Kanye thinks of the new website dedicated for him but i’m sure if he knew about it, he’ll be spending his day and night trying to take it off the web.

Fifty Shades Causing A Stir on Highway 50 In California

The drama with the movie Fifty Shades of Grey just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Highway 50 has a drive in move theater in Sacramento, California that is allowing the movie to be seen from the roads. There are six five thousand foot screens, and passers by are nearly wrecking their cars to get a view of the kinky movie.

While this may be good for consenting adults who want to watch some of the show without paying, parents are concerned about children and the affects on them. I certainly wouldn’t want my 12 year old sons to see anything that movie has to offer. I can understand their outrage, children grow up fast enough as it is. Exposing them to this pornographic material is insane.

While nothing has been done about this matter yet, it is certain that officials will be involved at some point. This theater has got away with such actions before, as the movies didn’t have such exposing views. This one set the bar higher for regulations need and what the American public would watch in a theater. It’s certainly exposes two people and doesn’t leave much room for the imagination.

Marc Sparks knows that it would cost thousands of dollars for this theater to stop playing the movie, or for them to do some modifications to the screens. Either way, it looks like they may be forced to go with the people on this one. Since it made social media and national news, something must be done.

Madonna Album Cover Backlash

If you ask Ken Griffin there are some ideas that seem like great ideas – until the rest of the public sees them. Madonna is one such a person that is now in the spotlight for a having, what she thought, was a great idea that went horribly wrong. On her recentalbum cover for “Rebel Heart” Madonna decided to deface images of MLK and Nelson Mandela.

Madonna made this artwork where her own face was distorted like this for the EP. For the full length album Madonna had other ideas. This is the first time that Madonna has caused controversy, but her controversy is usually done in a sexual manner. These covers got civil rights activists to speak out. She has received a lot of heat on Twitter, but she had no plans to actually apologize for this.

Now she has had come back and apologized. It sort of reminds fans of the recent Nazi imagery that Nicki Minaj had in her video. Nicki would eventually apologize for the lyrical video that had the Nazi images, but her director refused to apologize for it.

Overall, it gets Madonna some exposure. It may be bad press, but there is a saying about how any publicity is good press. For Madonna, this may be true. She has been away from the spotlight for so long. Fans have been talking about the new music so the controversy got her some attention.