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Chris Brown Helps 50 Cent Squash Mayweather Beef

50 Cent and one-time friend Floyd Mayweather turned into bitter enemies for a few years. The two took shots at each other on social media constantly. That feud has now officially ended, thanks to the intervention of an unlikely peacemaker. 50 Cent credits Chris Brown with arranging a meeting that ended up with him and Mayweather becoming friends again.

“Chris is actually involved,” the rapper said to Real 92.3 during a recent interview. “He brought me out to the Barclays arena, during his performance when he was on tour in February, and Floyd was there. So I came out in the middle of the show as a surprise, it was completely unexpected.”

At first it looked like members of 50 Cent’s entourage were going to get into an altercation with Mayweather’s crew. The two stars decided to talk instead. For 50 Cent, who’s real name is Curtis Jackson, the meeting seemed to reveal another incident of his famous Midas Touch. He ended up betting $1.6 million on Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao during their recent bout. Floyd won the decision against the Phillipino fighter and 50 Cent pocketed that large sum of loot.

50 Cent said he didn’t think that a rematch of the fight was coming anytime soon. On their website, STX entertainment mentioned that the fight left many viewers upset that there wasn’t enough action. Most sports fans know, though, if the money dangled for another bout is high enough, it will happen.