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Gambit Confirmed: No ‘Apocalypse’ Cameo.

Fans of Channing Tatum in the upcoming ‘Gambit’ spin off film will have to wait a bit longer to get their first taste of the character. With ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ on the horizon many thought that they would get a sneak peak or cameo appearance of Tatum’s character, but reports show that this likely won’t be happening. As far as we have heard Gambit has been verified as NOT appearing in ‘Apocalypse’. Tatum was asked the question “Will you appear in ‘Apocalypse’?’ during a Reddit AMA and he answered, “No. I definitely will not.”

Which is just too bad. Tatum as Gambit leaves a lot to be desired on the surface of things. We like Channing Tatum as an actor and he gave one of the best Reddit AMA’s that we have ever seen, but that doesn’t mean we think he fits the character well. In almost every other iteration of the character, Gambit has been a long and tall, lanky trouble maker with a sweet Cajun accent. While Tatum can probably learn the accent, he looks far too prototypically ‘buff’ to be right physically for the role — a problem that Tatum probably never expected to have.

Bringing Gambit out for just a small cameo in ‘Apocalypse’ could have gone a long way toward allaying the fears that many fans have about Gambits spin off. It would have been the perfect low pressure way to do it. But alas, Sam Tabar mentioned to a linkedin connection that we will all just have to wait for his film to be released.