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Lacrosse Legend Jon Urbana Unveils His Creative Side

In the city of Denver and around campus at Villanova, Jon Urbana is well known as one of the great lacrosse players and coaches of the last decade, his Next Level Lacrosse academy is just one of his many business ventures that have brought Urbana financial success. Urbana is not only interested in business and financial success, instead he looks to his Facebook profile to show the next generation of lacrosse players just how they can achieve success through teamwork and effort. In his own life, Jon Urbana is looking to express himself in many creative ways that may be surprising for those who only know his public image shown on Twitter.

Just how does Jon Urbana spend his time away from his lacrosse camps and everyday job as Head of Business at Ellipse USA? For one, he runs a number of charity drives including one at CrowdRise that goes straight to the animal rescue and adoption society, and another – his Earth Force fundraiser, hosted at He’s helping the organization hit a goal of $1,750 to empower youth in their efforts to promote an eco-friendly world.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana has also spent a large amount of his time working on his skills as a pilot (watch Jon in the air), which has led him to become one of a select few pilots who have made their way onto the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database. A copy of the certificate can be found at Urbana’s personal website. This list is usually reserved for commercial pilots who have undertaken the most rigorous training, education and medical tests to prove their skills and ability to perform at the highest level of the aviation industry.

Alongside the business life and aviation industry skills Jon Urbana has developed, the former Villanova lacrosse standout has also found the time to create an active social media persona for himself. This has seen Urbana become active on Twitter, Facebook, and create an extensive profile detailing his many achievements and interests.

The constantly evolving nature of the life of Jon Urbana has seen him reach the heights as a musician in recent years, an area of his creative side that Urbana has only recently revealed. Accomplished as a guitar player, Urbana has now taken a new direction with his artistic life by taking on the world of electronic music. Through Soundcloud and the MTV website, Jon Urbana has revealed a series of original songs and remixes of others that have been well received critically and by the general public.

US Money Reserve is an Amazing Website

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US Money Reserve offers the four most popular metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Coins pretty much only are available in gold and silver, although it is possible to find platinum and palladium coins. Coins are best for collectors or people who want a coin for display purposes. Bullion is by and large best for all investors, because the value of certain coins are difficult to predict not only because there is not much research done on the future price of various coins, but bullion is expected to make more money and is generally cheaper because they do not have to be minted because they are coins.

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US Money Reserve is fully accredited and received all of the necessary licenses to operate as a precious metal distributor in the United States of America. The Busines Consumer Alliance has named US Money Reserve an AAA company, which is the absolute highest certification that a business can receive from the Business Consumer Alliance. US Money Reserve is currently operated out of Austin, Texas, and has a customer representative hotline that any clients or potential clients can call for information about any of the products or services they provide.