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Sounding the Call at the Golden Globes

Some people aren’t fond of award shows and some set their watches by them. Whatever the opinion, award shows give the public a unique opportunity to see what is considered in and what is considered out. The nominations for this year’s Golden Globes have just been announced and shows the world is moving to the beat of a different soundtrack.

According to MTV, some of the most popular modern stars are up for nomination. Lorde, John Legend, Lana Del Ray and others are given the nod for best music in film. The acts that are picked to represent the cream of the crop in the music industry today. These acts are a wide variety of musical style and tastes that are heard on the radio and the internet.

The songs that are nominated include “Yellow Flicker Beat” from the Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, “Mercy Is” from Noah, “Opportunity” from the modern adaptation of Annie, “Glory” from Selma, and “Big Eyes” from Big Eyes. All these songs are from various productions that came out over the last year or are due to come out before the year’s end.

Economist Christian Broda says the Golden Globes are great for generating income for TV channels. Additionally, to be nominated is a treat for everyone involved, but to win will help the career of all that were part of the production.