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Why every Millennial should own the Magnises Card

Every young professional knows that after graduation, life turns out different as one disconnects from the thriving and highly connected life of campus. However, with the Magnises card, everything is going to be different. Users get to enjoy several perks and discounts for several events. Holders of the card in New York can attend at least two events in a month and engage in other offers through booking restaurants and figuring out the best places one can go for lunch, dinner or even coffee. The card comes with a mobile application that informs you of the best places to visit for different activities. It simply takes out the whole guesswork idea out of your life.

Members that have held the card have highly benefited from the perks that come with holding the card. According to the Magnises CEO, Billy McFarland, the whole company is more about than having a card; it aims to connect different professionals in various industries and fields. The annual fee to holding the card is $250, an affordable fee for any professional millennial. While the card started as an exclusive member platform, it is today open for anyone to apply. The whole application involves filling out an application through the company’s website and engaging in an interview via phone.

The perks that come with the card are real, and many card holders have highly benefit with possession of the card. Magnises has strived to partner with different companies to make the perks real and applicable to everyone. Magnises has partnered with over 50 companies in a bid to reach the end goal of meeting the daily life expectations for every member. Magnises strives to be involved in your life every day. The company seeks to bring in personalized drivers to the exact location where you live and work. Everything about the business such as private trainers, restaurants, nightclubs and bars strives to create the best experience for millennials. The company has further held members-only events for special events such as parties, educational talks, and dinners.

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Apart from getting invitations to the best places in the city, Magnises has created a space for its cardholders. The space comes in the form of a clubhouse located in Greenwich Avenue within the West Village home. The brand-new space is well furnished with contemporary art and leather couches. It brings in an open day for most of its cardholders. Any member of the company can bring in their client, hold meetings, watch games on TV or have drinks.

Benefits of holding the Magnises card are clear and tangible. According to one user, the membership cost is nothing equal to the benefits that come with the card. The user described several events such getting front seats in a hockey game and attending a leading open bar. The visits to Magnises community once, every couple of weeks has been beneficial too. It gives one an excuse to at least dress up, get out and find something to do. Card holders are selected to attend events where they can mix with genders and other people in the industry.

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The Essence of Online Reputation to Every Firm

The reputation of any organization or individual is vital. Businesses have embraced the method of online marketing. The way people view you or your company through online platforms is the crucial thing. To win more clients, the reviews of the enterprise should be positive. If they are not, you may have to go to extreme measures to bury negative search results about your company.

People tend to check reviews online regardless of whether they are buying a cheap or expensive product. They are always keen to know what the world has to say about something they are going to invest their time and hard-earned money in; just to be sure it is worth it. Therefore, as a business entity, it becomes imperative to keep a check on your online reputation. It only helps spread a positive word about your brand and get more customers which you can do more easily with the help of reputation management services. Therefore, the maintenance of the reputation on the internet platforms is essential because building a reputation takes a long period.

Various companies and individuals assist their clients in creating a good online reputation. However, it is crucial to consider different aspects when choosing online reputation management companies or persons to provide you the services of reputation building. The company you select will determine your success regarding online reputation.

Reputation Management Fixers

Reputation Management Fixers is the firm to choose to improve your online reputation. They help in bringing down negative articles and reviews from your website. The Reputation Management Fixers will also offer you with the appropriate advice on the steps to follow to have a perfect online reputation. They are reliable and always effective in their reputation repair services delivery. Their charges are reasonable; hence, affordable to many firms and individuals.

There are various techniques which can help to increase your search online. For the website to win scores of visitors, the content posted should be positive and with high-quality content. The website should also have a keyword. The search engine optimization uses keywords to search information through search engine platforms like Google. Choosing a perfect and attractive keyword is crucial to aid in winning more visitors and earning more money by the number of clicks. The site should be fast to use and user-friendly. The website design should also be perfect.

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Environmental issues are at the heart of the S’well story


Plastic water bottles are causing problems throughout the world as more and more are being dumped each year into landfills, S’well founder Sarah Kauss estimates around 50 billion bottles are dumped each year in the US. This huge number and the fact she had always carried a metal water bottle inspired Kauss to develop her own range of insulated water bottles targeted to those using them in their everyday lives. CNN reports Kauss was inspired by a talk given at her five year reunion for business school and a feeling that her own water bottle did not meet the aesthetic needs of her professional life.

The business school reunion took place in 2009 and has been followed by a period of development that has seen Kauss push the environmental impact her BPA free bottles could have in replacing plastic water bottles. Three types of bottle are now produced in various styles that range in price from $25 to $45, these bottles are also sold by a number of the top retailers in the country. Despite the success that saw S’well bottles publicized in O Magazine and reach $10 million in revenue in 2014 the focus remains on assisting the environment. A range of bottles has now been produced by S’well in a wood inspired design that will see the company plant a tree in a US forest for each bottle sold. Kauss explains her company planted more than 20,000 trees in her hometown of Jasper, Florida in 2014 on the back of sales of the wood patterned bottles.