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Gender Equality On Wikipedia

Wikipedia: the go to source for quick, accurate information on a range of topics. From politicians to plants, musicians to movie stars, the Wikipedia page is always in the top five search results gathered from major engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With so many people reading articles on an variety of subjects, the content is sure to be scrutinized. Recently, a group known as The Interface Archive has begun an effort for place more focus on women in the arts. Reports have shown that less than 5% of Wikipedia writers are women, pulling focus away from feminist topics in favor of male dominated ones. The effort is spearheaded by Art+Feminism, and slowly but surely, they are working to increase the female presence on this mainstay of information.

With its ubiquity and omnipresence on this internet, there can be no doubt that what is written on Wikipedia can enhance or damage the public perception of any subject. That includes businesses and public figures, which is why it is so important to ensure a public Wikipedia page is well written and professional. Professional Wiki editing services gained from hiring Wikipedia writers such as those from Get Your Wiki. Ensure that this job is done well. Professional pages are proven to increase sales for a business, give a positive boost to reputation, and add even more credibility to a brand.

In order to update a Wikipedia page, potential Wiki writers must navigate the Terms and Conditions and the rules governing format and citations. Many individuals are not able to precisely follow these guidelines and get their pieces approved. That is why sources such as Get Your Wiki are so invaluable: these authors are trained, and businesses can count on them to deliver a professional page. Just as Art+Feminism is dedicated to creating pages to highlight women, the arts, and important feminist topics, Get Your Wiki is devoted to the creation of accurate and impressive pages to boost interest in a person or business.