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Joseph Bismark Makes Spiritual Changes to Marketing


I believe marketing is in serious need of a change. For one thing, I do notice that a lot of people in marketing do not have peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment as one of their goals. In fact, many businesses are run in a dishonest manner. In looking at this issue, I have found this article on the WordPress blog, named Please Don’t Ask Alice. This article talks about how Joseph Bismark is changing marketing. He is incorporating spirituality into business and marketing and showing how the two can work together. His approach to business has improved things on the employer and employee side of the issue as well as the customer’s end.

When I have read about Joseph Bismark’s business practices, I have noticed that he is practically the opposite of most other business owners. He does not act as if he is superior to others, even though he has started and owns the business. He see’s the same thing in everyone that has been revealed in himself. He understands that everyone has the potential to be great. It does not matter their background or their past. He understands that with the right environment, people will achieve great things. He also looks mostly at the benefit of the customer instead of just the bottom line of profits. 

As more people listen to Joseph Bismark, more people are looking for ways to apply the principles that he has learn and is teaching, to their business as well. They are also looking for ways to apply it in other areas of their lives too. Business is just one aspect of life. Other aspects include relationships, emotional well being, and mental health. As Joseph Bismark continues to change minds, he also continues to change the face of business. As more businesses adopt his principles, more business experience peaceful work environment and greater levels of success.