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George Soros Delights in Making Philanthropic Activities

George Soros is one of the wealthiest yet most charitable executives in the world today. Recently George Soros made a huge contribution towards his charitable organization known as the Open Society Foundations. The contributions that were to the tune of $18 billion would help this organization successfully execute its objectives that include combating injustices within an economy, supporting struggling democracies combat discrimination injustices within their systems among others. While George Soros philanthropic activities through Open Society Foundation is not something that is unknown, however, his journey to this point is one only a few people are aware of. To understand and appreciate Soros better let’s examine his background.

Mr. George Soros is a Hungarian native having been born and brought up as a child in that region. Unlike other children, Soros did not have quite an interesting time. His childhood years were popularized with the communist rule that saw him exposed to a lot of killings and revolution from the Nazi-revolution. Fortunate enough George Soros and his family were able to survive the brutal kills of the Jewish even going to the extent of helping other Jews and learn more about George Soros.

After the dust had settled in 1947, George Soros decided to leave his native home for the search of education abroad. His quest for education saw him travel to London where he enrolled himself in the famous London School of Economies and pursued a bachelor’s degree in economics. With nobody to support him, Mr. George Soros would be forced to take two jobs; as a club waiter and a railway porter to fund his education and existence. This did not stop the ambitious Soros from excelling as he was able to complete his studies from the institution. With competence in economics, Soros would later move to the United States to pursue his career as a Wall Street investor.

George Soros success in the financial world cannot be unmatched. As an experienced hedge-fund manager, Soros was able to create his own hedge fund in the economy which performed pretty well. It is through his financial investments that George Soros was able to establish himself as a philanthropist.

The Open Society Foundation was established in 1979 by George Soros to help him champion the ideologies of free expression, fair treatment of human rights democratic governance explained by Karl Popper a great philosopher and author of “Open Society and Its Enemies.” In addition to the Soros experiences growing up, Karl’s book had a great impact in the formation of Open Society Foundation. With a huge annual budget, Open Society Foundation has a huge burden on its back to execute and create a better society.

When it comes to the causes, the foundation has been involved in one can easily lose count. Soros through Open Society Foundation stops at nothing when it comes to creating a better society. The foundation is famed for supporting educational ventures, funding politicians whose objective is defending democracy, championing the rights of the minority in the economy such as the LGIBT community and Follow him

Martin Lustgarten is Making A Name for Himself With His Own Investment Banking Firm

One of the biggest challenges that many people in the investment banking industry have is establishing themselves as a top level professional. While it is hard for all professionals to separate themselves from others within the investment banking industry, probably one of the hardest positions for professionals to separate themselves and become known is the investment banker.


Widely considered one of the most important positions in the investment banking field, the investment banker is responsible for many aspects of investment banking operations. The competition is very competitive between investment bankers both within and outside of the investment banks were they work.


Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been able to separate himself from the competition. Known as an excellent investment banker, Martin Lustgarten is a proven commodity in the investment banking industry. With many accolades already achieved in his professional career as an investment banker, Martin Lustgarten is regarded as a top investment banker.


He has been able to make many great success stories with the various positions he has held in the investment banking industry. In addition, he has been able to move from the ranks of working at investment banks to owning his own investment banking firm. An excellent communicator, businessman, and executive, Martin Lustgarten has proven himself many times over in the investment banking industry.


The importance of investment bankers cannot be overstated in the investment banking industry. The need for great investment bankers is at the core of almost every investment bank. A top level investment banker can change the dynamics of an entire investment bank. With the ability to handle major business deals, find money for business deals, and bring in new clients, investment bankers can make an investment bank successful almost single handily.


Investment banks provide a unique set of banking services in the banking industry. The specialized banking services provided by investment banks require a unique blend of talented professionals to handle the day-to-day activities in an investment bank. One of the key positions that helps to handle these services is the investment banker.


Few people have the special set of qualities needed to become an excellent investment banker, which is one of the reasons why it is so difficult for investment bankers to separate themselves from other investment banker professionals within the investment banking industry.

Investment banks making a landmark in the financial industry

With the rise in population there is a growing need to invest in a bid to leverage on the on the bulging population to earn profits. Investment banks have taken the opportunity by providing financial assistance to willing individuals in raising financial capital through underwriting of property or acting on behalf of the client in the issuance of securities. Investment banks have been on a steady rise in the world owing to the specialized and unique services they provide to their customers. They also provide complicated services in assisting companies to enter into mergers and acquisitions as well as providing supplementary services such as investment advisory, equity securities, trading derivatives, leveraged finance , asset finance and leasing, structured finance.

Many investment bank institutions have made exceptional achievements in the banking industry. Kenneth Griffin the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel is among the individuals whose initiative to venture in investment banking acted as an inspiration to other interested investors. Griffin started investing as a fresh year student at Harvard University. In 1990, Griffins took his aspirations a notch higher and invested into a hedge fund company, Citadel with only $4.6 million. In less than a decade later the company had grown in reaps and bounds with an investment capital of more than $ 1 billion.

Citadel now is one of the leading liquidity providers in America’s capital market. Griffin has also started other organizations under the umbrella of Citadel. They include Citadel technology a solution provider for investment management technology, Citadel securities and Citadel itself. He has appeared several times in Forbes’ Forbes 400 as the CEO of Citadel. At the age of 35 he was named as the eighth richest American under forty in the self-made category. In March 2015 Citadel appeared in the top 10 great Workplaces in Financial Service ranking by Great Places Institute. He is also the highest paid hedge fund manager, according to the 2015 rich list released by Institutional Investor’s Alpha Magazine. He is believed to have clinched earnings of above $ 1.3 billion which is a tenth of what hedge fund heads made in 2015. Most people in the world now look upon Griffin as the leading light in investment banking.

Investment banking has opened several doors for many entrepreneurs including big corporate organizations across the world. Although most do not receive deposits their role in the economy development is vital and cannot be looked down upon. The services provided in the investment banking are rare but very beneficial to clients. The banks have brought a new dawn to those aspiring to invest but face a challenge in raising investment capital.

Investment is a key ingredient in eradication of poverty and creation of employment. It should be supported at whatever cost to change the face of the world. Many people are mired in unemployment due to lack of capital to invest and high unemployment rates. Investment banks are slowly changing these by providing easier and accessible means of getting capital for investment.