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Frans Schoeman’s Journey in the Legal Practice

Frans Schoeman is reputed attorney in the South African legal practice where he has established his career. He run a bug law firm in Bellville, Cape Town and his popularity has been on the rise in the past few years. Frans Schoeman has built a name for himself in the justice system and his numerous and ground breaking wins in law suits are proof to this. He is therefore one of the most important attorney in South Africa and as a result the most sought after. His law firm is well known so he is always on a tight schedule to serve his clients.

He has over the years shown great skills and proficiency in his work in the legal practice and he has worked hard to instill the same spirit to his employees. He together with his wife co-founded their law firm and they are both managing partners and practitioners at the same time. His wife, Helene Joubert, is also an attorney and together they have built their law firm to become the great legal outfit that it is today. Frans Schoeman is well known for his skills in the legal practice and he has proved his worth by winning some of the most difficult cases in the country.

Frans Schoeman is also a good and reputed manager if his current position in several organizations is anything to go by. He is the Managing Director at Phatsima Diamond Corporation and this position he has held based on his leadership skills and legal understanding. Other than that, he is also a director in charge of legal matters at TG Mintster Consulting. He is very well and highly educated judging by his academic qualification. He graduate with a degree in law from the University of the Free State. Ever since his graduation, he been working hard to create a niche for himself in the legal practice.

One way of turning any professional into a successful venture is focusing on it and concentrating on one thing at a time. Frans Schoeman has displayed a very resilient character in his quest to be the best he can be in the legal practice and the results have been impressive. In the legal fraternity, it is ethical to specialize and maintain a specific legal route rather than pursue all cases in all areas. This allows one to concentrate on an area and grow in it.

Frans Schoeman understands this strategy and this why he decided to pursue a career in corporate and commercial law. This is his specialty where his expertise is not in doubt. To enhance his success in the field, he has made valuable connections with the players who matter in the field and he has connections with some of the biggest companies in the South African corporate world. His specializing decision has worked for him in a great way allowing him to make a name in the field especially with the litigation case, which he won that led to a R 120 million settlement.