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The Journey of EOS Lip Balm

Consumers looking for a fresh new twist on lip balm will more than likely fall in love with the brand from the company Evolution of Smooth, or EOS. Seven years ago, EOS began their journey in the oral care industry with their soon-to-be revolutionary lip balm. This unique lip balm first appeared on the shelves in Walgreens. Soon it began to appear on other shelves of tremendously popular stores, such as Walmart and Target. EOS lip balm quickly became a household name, especially after it was spotted in use by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.

Consumers who were used to buying Chapstick and knock-off brands were growing dissatisfied with the clinical feel and taste that the tubes gave off. The small tubes were easily lost in purses and bags and women felt that other brands that had you dipping your fingers into the pots were gross and unhygienic, not to mention sticky. EOS examined the field of lip balm and came out with their own amazing product, a small, circular sphere that was eye-catching to those who spotted it. The spheres come in pastel colors and contain unique flavors inside, such as honeydew and grapefruit. They are fun to put on and don’t easily become lost inside a purse or handbag. This lip balm is also made from all-natural organic ingredients, a major selling point.

EOS lip balm became a hit, selling more than one million lip balms a week, which is actually more than what they sold their very first year in business. Other companies, such as Blistex and Sephora, have even tried their own knock-off products. EOS is now a household name and can be found in stores all over the country. The brand has millions of followers on Facebook and other social media pages and is a product vastly popular among millennials.

Evolution of Smooth Changes the Face of the Lip Balm Industry

Evolution of Smooth, also referred to as EOS, is a company that has taken the beauty industry by storm. As a company that manufacturers a lip balm product, it was the first to break through the barrier between the oral care industry and the beauty industry. The founders of EOS lip balm deliberately chose to redesign the way lip balms were packaged and sold to specifically target women. In an online article, co-founder Sanjiv Mehra discusses the strategies they used to ensure their lip balm would be a success.

Focusing on Creation and Distribution

When co-founders Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller started their company they decided to focus on the areas of creation and distribution. The creation process was intended to redesign the container used to hold the lip balm, which up to this point had always been cylindrical. They also wanted to reinvent the lip balm itself to make it more appealing to women. In order to get a better idea of what women looked for when shopping for beauty products, the co-founders of EOS lip balm gathered a group of women together for a panel discussion. This led them to create a balm that would appeal to all of the five senses.

Once the team at EvolutionofSmooth.Ca had their product the next step was to get it into distribution. The process was not as easy as they hoped since most drug stores were already carrying name brand products like Chapstick. Since their lip balm was intended to appeal to women they decided to meet with a female buyer from Walgreens who instantly took to their little spheres of balm. Co-founders Mehra and Teller purchased their own manufacturing equipment to reduce their costs and began producing and distributing their lip balm to Walgreens. EOS lip balm is now widely available in stores all across the country. Online orders can be processed by going to or via