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Maggie Gill Proves Her Worth As A Health Executive

Healthcare is one of the most important sectors and its development translates to a healthier and better society. Many professionals are responsible for the changes that have over the years been made to the healthcare system to offer better care and access to services. One of the professionals whose presence can be said to have given positive influence is Maggie Gill, the current President and CEO of Memorial Health. Her career has been a path of discovery and she has unearthed new methods of dealing with problems in the health sector.


Maggie began by joining the Florida State University, where she was privileged to graduate with an honors degree. This gave her the motivation to pursue bigger fields and she decided to build her career further by getting an MBA from Saint Leo University, in which she also graduated with honors. With great achievements and academic credentials, she set foot on building her career.

She was able to land great offers owing to her good records and the skills she possessed. For many years, Maggie Gill has stood for the concept of coming up with better and efficient methods of dealing with problems. She is one of the professionals behind the redemption of Memorial Health and its construction into a successful health institution.


Maggie Gill has achieved a lot since she joined Memorial Health and since her career began. She is among professionals who have received different awards for offering solutions to make access to healthcare services easy. Before she was appointed to work as deputy CEO of Memorial Health in 2004, she worked with Tenet South Florida Health System. At this institution, she worked as the chief financial officer.

As a result of her dedication and pursuit of the specialty, Maggie Gill managed to emerge with three prizes during three different awards of the Tenet Outstanding CFO. It is the same dedication that she transferred to Memorial Health to offer solutions to major challenges ailing the company.

In 2011, she was appointed to work as the CEO and President of Memorial and since then, her input to the company has boosted its performance and ranking generally across all levels. Her dream is to take the company to a whole different level where they will cover more than the 35 counties Memorial Health serves. She is optimistic of a successful and highly reputed Memorial Health in few years to come.