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Today, we still use the traditional search text box to find products. A new product being tested by two retailers is seeking to change that. Image recognition has advanced so much that it is now possible to search a picture directly on the web. The retailer will use the sophisticated search technology that allows one to image recognition that is deep in a web using human-like abilities.

The new efforts to get into search technology follows in the footstep of several; companies that have tried it and failed. They include Amazon, which launched a phone last year but failed badly in its efforts. Google also bought such a company called and it has silently implemented it with limited success. has launched a startup to help develop this technology. The startup is called Sentient and has already raised $ 143 million. The team at MIT has started a research on how these companies are going to create a new way to search things. These companies are expected to use Artificial intelligence to create applications that will change search technology.

The E-commerce has rapidly grown and the entry of A.I is a just a new field in this ever expanding field. Today, data analytics companies receive information from Google about your browsing habits and send you relevant ads.

Slyce is one such company that is at the fore front of search technology. It permits you to take photos of search Items and search them online. The picture hunting brings you comparative pictures of the Item, and you can fine tune the search process from there onwards.

The Slyce has taken advantage of the breakthrough in AI and expects the item will be displayed with related Items close to them. The new feature is supposed to work in all smartphones and will make search easy. The new app has been created by a team of specialist who spend many hours working on the project.

Slyce has invested heavily in this technology. It is expected it will be a partner of many retailers as they seek to expand to this critical market segment. It is a well-known fact that humans respond better to visual search.

A person will buy a product if searched online and displayed in image forms research shows. It is also human nature to admire a piece of furniture but not know where it was acquired from.

Handy Cleaning Services: Enjoy a Clean Home Today!

Everybody has busy schedules nowadays. Pretty much no one wants to be bothered by the daily grind of cleaning their house. Yet it is still something you have to fit in, amongst work, shopping, bill paying, school, kid’s sports, after-school activities, the gym…the list goes on and on. That’s why more and more people are turning to a cleaning service to take care of their home, so they can enjoy life a little bit more!

Cleaning services take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to. Imagine coming home after a long day of work or school and finding your house smelling fresh and clean, and knowing that all your rooms will be perfectly cleaned to your satisfaction. Cleaning companies offer a variety of services, and will usually tailor what you need to your specifications.

There are many different areas that can be cleaned when you choose a company, such as Handy on itunes, Home Cleaning Services. For your bedroom and living room spaces, you can have all the surfaces wiped down and polished; glasses cleaned, vacuumed, and have your garbage taken out. In the kitchen, you can choose to have your dishwasher loaded up with dirty dishes from the sink, have your counters cleaned and wiped, floors cleaned, exteriors of stoves and refrigerators wiped, and have the garbage taken out.

Nobody wants to clean the bathroom! Again, Handy Home Cleaning Services will do your dirty work for you. They will clean your toilet, wipe down all sink and fixtures, sanitize the tub, spray and polish mirrors, and empty the garbage. With your cleaning services, you can also add extra services in, such as cleaning inside the cabinets, oven, and refrigerator, as well as having your laundry wash and dried.

With Handy Cleaning, you don’t just have to choose from their cleaning services, as they offer additional amenities for those who need them. This includes furniture assembly, interior painting, and light fixture installation. Handy experts will come in to help set up furniture when you need it. If you have the paint and primer, a professional painter will supply everything else and paint your rooms perfectly. Experienced electricians can also come in to install your lamps, lights, chandeliers, and more. Handy Home Cleaning services also offers their customers help with moving and faucets.

It isn’t just the customers who enjoy the work done by Handy. Employees of Handy make an hourly wage between $15 and $22, with an average of $18. They are given the option of being able to pick their own hours to work around a busy schedule, as well as a healthy hourly wage. Mandated background checks using both county and national levels guarantee that Handy employees are thoroughly vetted.

Customers can also book cleaning through mobile apps on their phone. Customers can book online and schedule a cleaning or a service the very next day. Handy Home Cleaning Services also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee for all services.

Skout Fills The Void Between Dating App And Pen Pal

There are a ton of apps that promise to serve as some sort of social network, but the truth is that most of them just aren’t that effective. Either they suffer from a small user base or the interface just doesn’t lend itself to being easily navigated by users. One app that has managed to break through those problems is Skout, a mobile application that combines a social network with the ability to connect with locals in wherever you plan to be traveling.

The service boasts more than 10 million users and it includes the features that you would expect to see in a viable social network. Once you create a profile, you can “wink” at other users, contact them through messages or chats and “favorite” people you like. You’re then notified when your favorites come online and you can talk with them privately if you wish.

There are a number of ways to browse for other users and search the network. Users can use in-app points to bid to be included on a “Look at me” feature that puts their profile in front of more people. Other users can also be found by using a “buzz” feature that shows the most popular profiles with your friends or other social feeds.

But the big change for Skout came in 2014, when it rolled out a new travel feature that allows you to search and connect with other users by location. It’s possible for users to take virtual vacations in the area of their choice and some people are using it as a way to research areas where they plan to vacation or even relocate. Skout has also noticed an increasing number of users are connecting with local residents that they originally met through the app.

The travel feature is especially helpful because Skout is available in more than 180 countries and 14 languages. That breadth of user base means that just about where you can think about visiting, there is likely to be an active Skout group of users who can give you the local’s take on what’s hot. They use Skout to connect with locals and with any luck find someone who can be both a guide and a possible romantic partner.

All of this makes Skout one of the best ways to explore the world and meet new people. Which is really the best definition of a social network.