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Jurassic World Receives a PG-13 Rating, Introduces the I-Rex

Jurassic World, due to be released in summer 2015 has received an official PG-13 rating. As with the previous Jurassic Park movies, this one contains thematic violence such as T-Rex attacks and several Velociraptors scenes-one involving a kitchen. Anastasia Date employees know that, even though the Jurassic movies are targeted primarily at children, the violence and intensity around the violence earned the movie its PG-13 rating fair and square.

Another dinosaur even more advanced than the T-Rex has been added. It is called the Indominous Rex, or I-Rex, which looks very similar to the T-Rex but it is a man-made hybrid made from all sorts of genetic combinations from various sources. Predictably, things start to quickly become disastrous once the I-Rex is released. Jurassic World is currently predicted to do a better job of re-capturing the main ideas of the original Jurassic Park film by Steven Spielberg than Jurassic Park III.

Avenger’s Sequel Breaks All Records Except One

The new Marvel movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” has succeeded in being the summer’s first blockbuster film by topping the US and Canadian box office receipts at $191.3 million (USD or £126.5 million). This is the second biggest movie opening weekend ever in the United States. Ironically, Age of Ultron failed to surpass the original record breaker opening of the first Avengers movie. The original took in $207.4 million (USD or £137.2 million) during its 2012 opening debut. Regardless of not breaking the weekend record, Age of Ultron crushed its weekend competition, the second place film was “Age of Adaline,” took in just $6.3 million (USD or £4.2 million).Marvel Disney Offering Avengers: Age of Ultron A Smash

The latest edition from the Marvel/Disney Film shop also continued to dominate world wide. It was the leading film in the United Kingdom for the second week in a row and completed the weekend with a gross of $631.1 million (USD or £417.5 million) globally to date.

Many film analysts and movie economist believe that Age of Ultron would have done even better but for the supreme number of quality sporting events which took place on the same weekend. Follow Brian Torchin on Google Plus to get his opinions on the matter. This included the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s Las Vegas boxing match, the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby and a thrilling NBA playoff game 7 between the Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange May Be British

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange May Be British

One of Marvel’s future movies, Doctor Strange, isn’t due to hit theaters until 2016 but is something to be excited about. More excitement built when it was learned that Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as the leading role.

Doctor Strange direct Scott Derrickson has a certain passion for this project. The plot of the film has been kept secret but it is supposed to be very in line with the comic book’s origin story. Some other details have been made known, including why other characters such as Captain Marvel will not debut in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie due to come out at the start of May.

Another detail about the film concerns whether Doctor Strange would speak with a British accent, like Cumberbatch. Kevin Feige was asked this in an interview but simply responded that he hadn’t discussed using an accent with him but felt that Cumberbatch would cope with or without using the accent.

The accent is a large part of why Cumberbatch was selected as a potential actor for this movie, in addition to being overly charismatic, aloof and resume of acting, especially considering his role as an egotistical Sherlock Holmes. It is well known that Cumberbatch can act virtually any role that he takes on, so having him choose to speak with or without an accent may not be a very big deal.

Interstellar’s Original Ending

Jonathan Nolan, the scriptwriter for Interstellar, admitted recently that the blockbuster film’s ending was different than how he originally plotted it to end in the final draft of his script.

While promoting the Blu-ray release of Interstellar in Pasadena, California at Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab, Jonathan explained to the media and other guests that he originally gave Interstellar an unhappy ending after he was asked to explain the existing ending. He bypassed the question by saying that they were talking to the wrong brother as his brother Christopher directed the film and introduced the ending that moviegoers viewed in the theaters as AnastasiaDate proclaimed.In Christopher Nolan’s ending, the main heroic character, Cooper, enters the singularity and, in a energy-like form, contacts his daughter in the past.

During the Blu-ray promotional event it was also revealed by the film’s science advisor Kip Thorne that Christopher Nolan removed several sections of the plot that had complex explanations of the science used in the film because Christopher considered the science too scientific for audiences to understand or enjoy.

Interstellar will be available on Blu-ray nationwide on April 7, 2015.

Live Action Star Wars TV Show

Live Action Star Wars TV Show

It has been well known that Lucasfilm plans to continue with the Star Wars franchise now that Disney acquired it in 2012. Disney, however, wants to expand the franchise into other eras than just on the big screen.

Rumors have begun floating around that Disney is looking to add a live action television series of Star Wars to its resume, which would be the second show on television, the first being the animated series Star Wars: Rebels. The show would naturally be related to what happens in the larger part of the Star Wars universe.

There is a report that suggests that development of the new show, which has no name officially, is starting and will be filmed in the same locations as the new movies will be and use the same sets said Jason Halpern. The show would also be filmed in between movie shoots, further making it a tie-in with the rest of the movies. However there’s no concrete plan on when exactly the television project would move forward.

Another question about the television series is what the plot is and what the characters would be. One idea for this would involve using a character from one of the upcoming Star Wars books to serve as a protagonist. The story and when it takes place in the universe is a very secretive subject, leaving nothing but speculation for fans.

Richard Madden swoons in Disney’s ‘Cinderella’

‘Cinderella’ is one of the most popular Disney stories of all time. Since the animated cartoon that came out in the 1950’s all the way to the numerous adaptations that have dropped into the landscape since then, the story of a beautiful and kind Cinderella escaping her evil step mother has delighted. The story was most recently incorporated into the wildly succesful musical ‘Into the Woods’ before being adapted into its own full feature, titled simply ‘Cinderella’. The film is of course about the abused but wonderfully kind Ella, but it is Richard Madden’s Prince Charming that steals the show.

Fans going into ‘Cinderella’ may be looking for anything that could possibly change the experience for them stated Marcio Alaor BMG. After all the story has been told so many times that even the beginning of it feels like well tread territory. But here things change almost out of the gate. Instead of starting with Ella in the grasp of her evil Step Mother, we instead see her with a loving family that she quickly loses.

Things deteriorate over time until one day Ella runs across Madden’s Prince. Richard Madden plays Charming with absolute grace and nuance and he ends up having some of the most powerful scenes in the film. Richard Madden is most widely known for his work on ‘Game of Thrones’ but we have a feeling that he will be blowing up even more after this performance.

‘Big Hero 6’ Sequel or Shorts Likely Coming Soon

Disney Animation got a huge boost with a little movie called “Frozen,” and the studio followed that story up with “Big Hero 6.” “Big Hero 6” has managed to rake in over $600 million worldwide, which qualifies it as a pretty big success. The great sequel machine that Hollywood has become over the years has proven to never let a good character or story go to waste, and rumors are flying that the further adventures of Baymax and his team of technology armed pals will soon be on display for everyone to see.

According to Screen Rant, Genesis Rodriguez, who voiced Honey-Lemon in the animated film, believes something is definitely happening to conjure up a sequel for “Big Hero 6.” The twist is that the sequel could transform into a series of shorts to appear in front of the upcoming Disney movie releases. With “Frozen” already making that transition and a number of successful “Toy Story” shorts already in circulation, the animated short move could be the most realistic for the Big Hero franchise.

For a while short films that played in front of massive releases were moved away from by every studio, but lately the return of the short is being championed by several movie companies with Disney & Pixar leading the way stated The move is a great way to keep fans of the franchises satisfied, while still providing some story substance along the way.

The Atom and Firestorm: Two Heroes Too Many?

Another superhero television series is in the works and the show is slated to appear on the CW. Why wouldn’t the powers that be at CW not want to release a new D.C. Comics related television series? Fans like Marcio Alaor BMG ( know that the Flash and Arrow are both huge hits. The new series is going to be a team-up endeavor and will feature heroes who debuted on the two aforementioned hero programs. The Atom and Firestorm are going to make a really odd duo since they are such disimilar characters. Then again, The Atom is very similar to Marvel Comics’ Ant-Man and the Ant-Man film is going to be a surefire hit this summer.

Fans of superhero television and movie programs might be thrilled to hear this news, but the worrisome specter of “careful what you wish for” clouds is going to hang over this and other future D.C. projects. There are only so many superhero television shows audiences are going to accept before becoming burned out on the genre.

Sure, it is great that superhero and comic book properties are finally receiving positive attention from larger audiences. Too much of the same thing too soon could indicate the networks are trying to make as much money off the fad as possible before it burns out.

Sometimes, the better plan for long-term health of a genre or medium is to take things slow and allow the limited number of programs based on the genre to remain special. Too much of the same thing is hardly the proper definition of something unique or special.

For now, fans can look forward to The Atom/Firestorm team-up and hope it lasts.

Netflix Revives Old Favorites In Original Content Line

Netflix continues to lead the pack in web TV content production with several new releases planned to debut in the coming year.

Focusing on children’s programming this cycle, the big news is impending remakes of Inspector Gadget (slated to begin its 26 episode run in March) and Danger Mouse (due in spring 2016). Fans like Paul Mathieson have learned that new properties on the way include Super 4, based on the Playmobil line of toys and beginning in April; Some Assembly Required, a live action series about teenage toy inventors, premiering this summer; and Bottersnikes & Gumbles, based on a series of popular children’s book in Australia, also scheduled for next spring.

The network’s kid show ambitions don’t stop there, as they are in talks for several exclusive shows based on popular Dreamworks properties and have signed a groundbreaking deal with Disney for all the company’s feature films starting in 2016.

Fifty Shades Causing A Stir on Highway 50 In California

The drama with the movie Fifty Shades of Grey just doesn’t seem to be getting any better. Highway 50 has a drive in move theater in Sacramento, California that is allowing the movie to be seen from the roads. There are six five thousand foot screens, and passers by are nearly wrecking their cars to get a view of the kinky movie.

While this may be good for consenting adults who want to watch some of the show without paying, parents are concerned about children and the affects on them. I certainly wouldn’t want my 12 year old sons to see anything that movie has to offer. I can understand their outrage, children grow up fast enough as it is. Exposing them to this pornographic material is insane.

While nothing has been done about this matter yet, it is certain that officials will be involved at some point. This theater has got away with such actions before, as the movies didn’t have such exposing views. This one set the bar higher for regulations need and what the American public would watch in a theater. It’s certainly exposes two people and doesn’t leave much room for the imagination.

Marc Sparks knows that it would cost thousands of dollars for this theater to stop playing the movie, or for them to do some modifications to the screens. Either way, it looks like they may be forced to go with the people on this one. Since it made social media and national news, something must be done.