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Tidal Gains More Customers with Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is doing something amazing. She is bringing Tidal to the mainstream audience, and people are impressed with what this company can do. High fidelity music is getting a ton of buzz, and there is no doubt that more people will see the value of switching to Tidal. The exclusive Prince content was something that gave Tidal a lead. This music streaming service also brought a lot of people music concerts like Tidal X. There is a lot of love for Tidal because this company has broken away from the other music streaming businesses that are currently out there.  Based on


That may be the thing that has helped people recognize what Dez Perez was doing. She was not trying to get Tidal to fit in to what everyone else was doing. To the contrary, she was trying to build a music streaming service that would be a leader in the industry. She was really interested in what Tidal might be able to do as a company that was outside of the norm. The exclusive content, the high quality music streaming and the visual aspect of Tidal represented something that was different. This is certainly something that is keeping people mindful of what Tidal is doing.

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The great thing about Tidal is that this company is giving people access to reasonable monthly prices for this service. It doesn’t cost a fortune to sign up for Tidal. With a price that is bound to stay around $10 a month it will be easy for Tidal to lure customers. Desiree Perez is someone that has helped Tidal grow tremendously. People knew about the company, but that was all because of the star power. Desiree actually lead people to do more than recognize Tidal. She helps Jay-Z secure customers with her marketing strategies.  Visit this related site.


Norka Luque, A Musical Miracle

Music was always of vital importance in Norka Luque’s childhood home, so her parents were quick to give their blessings when she began showing interest in learning it. While still in school, she took voice, piano, ballet and flamenco lessons. During those years, Norka entered every contest and show she could get, dreaming about one day making a difference in the world through her music.

After graduating high school, Norka moved to France for college, but she continued to pursue her musical vocation by joining bands and performing live. She learned a great deal during those years, but it was only after moving to Miami that her musical career took off. There, she managed to get herself noticed by renowned producer Emilio Estefan Jr., who became instantly smitten by her art. After inviting her to the famous Crescent Moon studios for a serious conversation, Estefan Jr. committed himself to helping Norka polish her talents through demanding music lessons and vocal coaching. Soon, Norka was recording her first single under Emilio’s passionate and focused style of musical direction.

Composed by legendary musician Archie Peña, the single finally hit the radio stations in 2011. Entitled “Como Lo Haces Tú”, the catchy latin pop song got excellent reviews from both critics and music enthusiasts, even managing to get Norka a nomination for Best Female Pop Artist at the Lo Nuestro awards. Having experienced success, in 2012 an ambituous Norka Luque released the second single of her album, “Milagro” (“Miracle”). The song was composed by Peña in collaboration with the Hermanos Gaitán and Luigi Giraldo, all of whom have enormous experience in the vast world of latin pop music. A groovy mixture of rock, reggae and pop, the song was an overnight sensation in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Today, Norka is working tirelessly on her new music, but still reflects on the huge impact being able to make an album like “Milagro” had in her life. In a very real sense, her entire life had been a road to that moment. “The city of Miami, the sun, the sea and the palm trees have been the silent witnesses of this miracle,” Norka said in an interview with LatinOL. It’s only fitting that the song itself is a message of hope for people who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for their own miracle to happen.

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Kanye Exits Drake’s Pool Party To Avoid Amber Rose And Black Chyna

This week Kanye was not interested in being apart of any drama, in fact he was far to excited to make a mad dash the second he smelled drama coming stated the Examiner. Drake just threw one of the biggest pool parties this or any summer has ever seen. Of course the party was amazing, and anyone who is anyone was there. Not only was Kanye in attendance, but his sworn enemy Blac Chyna, and ex girlfriend Amber Rose were in the house. Apparently Kanye was minding his business having a good time, when suddenly the Dj announced Amber’s entrance and things got uncomfortable.

Amber and Kanye meeting could have been the end off the festivities, ever since Amber and Khole Kardashian got into a Twitter beef over Amber calling out Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship on a morning radio, things between them have been complicated. The Fact that Amber Rose is besties with Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna doesn’t make the situation any more fun.
Amber actually has said that Kanye cheated on her with Kim Kardashian while she was still with him, and at the same time Kim was cheating on Reggie.

The moment Amber walked into the party, Kanye made it his business to get out of Dodge. There was no reason to ruin a perfectly good party with a bashing from Amber and Chyna, especially since they both love the media attention enough to pick a fight. Hopefully Drake remembers to check his guest list twice next time.

Guns N’ Roses’ Guitarist Gets Into A Scuffle

The rumors about heavy metal musicians giving up their wayward ways of the 1980’s and 1990’s are false. Just ask Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist DJ Ashba about that. He recently got into a major fight over an e-cigarette. If you didn’t know Ashba is the current guitarist for the band, you are not alone. There have been so many lineup changes, even diehard GNR fans have lost count. There might even be a few more members in and out of the band by the time you read this.

In all seriousness, Ashba was “vaping” at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and enjoying a concert put on by Romeo Santos. Another concertgoer, Brad Reifler, was less than thrilled about the water vapor hitting him the face, words were exchanged, and a scuffle broke out. Websites are picking up the reports, although major news outlets are ignoring it. Some might say this is because Guns N’ Roses’ star has fallen so much over the past 20 years no mainstream interest exists. To a certain degree, that is true. Also true is the fact that hard rock and heavy metal as a whole has shrunk back to the niche it once possessed prior to the 1980’s revolution.

Tales about fistfights and brawls used to translate into a lot of buzz and boosted record/CD sales. Not so much today.

Ashba has noted that there is going to be a new Guns N’ Roses album coming out. He said the band has a lot of great new material and it just needs to be recorded. We can always hope when the new material comes out it brings back some great memories of the glory days of hard rock.

A New Sound for One Direction

When it comes to boy bands, One Direction is one of the most popular ones out there. This band has stolen the hearts of teen girls everywhere. This band is even popular with girls who have not reached the teenage years yet. And then, this band also has a few fans, including Christian Broda (, who will admit that they enjoy their music even as adults. One Direction is a popular band, and they have announced that they are going to be going with a new sound on their next album.

That’s right, fans of the band One Direction need to be ready to hear something a little bit different from the band on their next album. It seems that One Direction is going to try to mimic Ed Sheeran on their next album. That is what the band claims, anyway. It makes one wonder if fans of Ed Sheeran will give a listen to One Direction’s next album.

Rising Stars: Bully

If you thought that garage rock died with Pinkerton, the famous album that Weezer put out decades ago, you need to look at a new band called Bully. According to Rolling Stone, they are one of the hottest young bands around, and they are a throwback to that sound that people loved in the past. They like to rock out, and they stand apart from the crowd because there is not nearly so much of a pop influence.

There are influences of both pop punk and a sort of grunge rock in Bully’s work, which Daniel Amen likes. On the whole, they sound like a band of young people who grew up listening to Weezer or the Pixies and decided they just wanted to make that type of music. Even though it wasn’t popular when they got old enough to start their own band, they went out and made it anyway. By not caring what the market was doing or how the industry was trending, they have ironically made a terrific album that is getting a lot of attention for just how different it is.

If you love the Top 40 lists and just want to see the big pop acts, this probably is not for you. If you love old-school garage rock and you wish it was 1995, though, this is definitely a band that you want to check out as soon as you get a chance to listen.

Mariah Doesn’t Disappoint

For anyone who is a big Mariah Carey fan you know to expect good music to her. Her sound and her style is breathtaking and we all wait on the edge of our seats when she releases a new track or album. And, with her newest breakup song she really hasn’t disappointed.

Some artists are just like that, they know how to make great songs and how to keep their fans such as Bruce Karatz happy. And I’d say that Mariah’s fans are very happy with this new breakup song that will send chills down your spine. It is a beautiful piece and a sure hit.

So, I think we can continue to expect great music from Mariah, as we have for the years, and hopefully for many more to come. She is a great artist and we need more people like her out there in the music world.

Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Issues a Positive Report on His Health

Rock and roll icon, guitar great, and heavy metal pioneer, Tony Iommi, has released some very positive news. Iommi addressed recent rumors about his health and noted he is doing fine. Sadly, Iommi has been struggling with lymphoma in recent months.

The rumor mill was spinning due to the recent cancellation of Black Sabbath’s scheduled performance in Japan. While Black Sabbath cancelled the gig, lead singer Ozzy Osbourne is going to perform solo. Speculation emerged that the reason for this is because Iommi may have had to pull out due to his health. Once again, Iommi set the record straight and insists he is doing fine.

Questions are still in the air regarding why on earth the concert was cancelled in the first place. Bernardo Chua understands that, right now, no one knows the answers to any of those questions. Fans, honestly, expect as much. Black Sabbath reunions have a tendency to be a bit contentious since the true headliner of these reunions is really Ozzy. Without Ozzy, Black Sabbath can barely sell tickets. That is not a knock on Iommi’s work on the band, but simply using the name Black Sabbath without the original singer or the bulk of the original lineup has long since ceased to be a draw. Sure, it worked a bit during the 1980’s, but we’re in 2015 now.

Hopefully, the band will get back together in its original form and the “farewell” concerts end up being done right.

Things To Know About Iggy and Britney’s “Pretty Girls”

Legends have a way of coming back into our lives one way or another, and in this case its Britney Spears making a song with new hip hop star Iggy Azalea called “Pretty Girls”. The song is supposed to come out on Cinco de Mayo which is May 5th, and the fans couldn’t be more excited to hear this song.

Britney had no problem making music that topped the charts in her day, and now that she is making a comeback, new fans of Iggy and old fans of Britney are both finally uniting to create a huge following for the new colab. This colab has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. So many rumors came and went mentioning the dates and style of the new song, but realistically no body knows exactly how the song is going to come out.

This all started when Britney was asked in an interview who she would ever work with, and her two choices were between Katy Perry and Iggy. Next was Iggy’s response to a fan on Twitter when asking if she would ever work with Britney Spears, and her answer was “I did and it was amazing.” The tweet was posted on November 21st which means by now the song should already be finished and is just getting ready to hit the billboards.

Many fans (like Brian Torchin) and rumors said that the song will be about booty just like her colab with Jlo but Iggy being her outgoing honest self responded right away to the tweet saying that the two songs have nothing in common, and it is not going to be about Booty.

Beats Music Will Be Priced Around $10

Apple’s attempts to persuade record labels to offer music at lower prices were unsuccessful it looks like. Apple, which recently purchased Beats, is looking to relaunch the company’s Beat Music streaming radio service soon. As part of that relaunch, the computer giant was reportedly trying to work out a deal with record labels that would allow it to offer streaming radio at a lower price that its competitors Spotify and Pandora.

It turns out, that after a lot of negotiations even Apple wasn’t able to sway the record industry. Brian Torchin ( has learned that Apple was trying to convince labels to offer lower licensing costs that would ultimately have allowed it to offer Beats Music for $8 per month without ads. Unfortunately, it couldn’t win those negotiations and instead will be offering the service for the same $10/month as its competitors.

That doesn’t mean that Apple won’t get a ton of perks from record labels. Since it’s uniquely positioned as both a streaming provider and a huge retailer for tunes, you could see artists offering Apple exclusive tracks, or the opportunity to stream or sell their album before other services are given a shot.

Apple is expected to unveil the new Beats Music during its developer conference, WWDC, later this year.