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Desiree Perez Helps Tidal Move Forward

Desiree Perez is a talented entrepreneur and businesswoman with extensive experience in management. She has worked in the music industry for more than two decades and has an impressive reputation. Perez is perhaps best known for managing businesses for rapper and mogul Jay-Z. She was worked with him in connection with Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports and Tidal, a music streaming service.

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Tidal has been in the media lately due to changes in its management, but despite the challenges associated with the business, Jay-Z has remained confident that Tidal would be successful, and this is largely due to Perez’s expertise. Jay-Z started the company in 2012, and wanted to establish a unique music streaming company that would make media more accessible to fans.  Continue reading here.

According to, when Desiree Perez was hired to run Tidal, she was determined to make the business work. Even after the scrutiny that Tidal has received, Perez is confident that she can take the company to the top. Her expert negotiation skills and intelligent decision making are certainly helping to turn Tidal around and move it forward. Desiree Perez is also especially skilled when it comes to negotiations with stakeholders to finalize quick deals on behalf of the company. For instance, it is rumored that large companies such as Google, Spotify and Samsung approached Tidal to establish business deals. However, Tidal was savvy and brave enough to turn down these deals, because she knew they would not be lucrative for Tidal in the long run. Perez’s firmness and willingness to make the right business moves have significantly contributed to her success, and will continue to make her a professional force to be reckoned with.  For more Info, Check also Dez’s page.

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