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Desiree Perez Brings Tidal Out of a Slump

The closer that people get to Tidal the more they are going to notice one thing: Jay-Z is not the only one behind this organization. This is a company that has been able to do some great things like moving beyond what is the norm in music streaming and giving customers a completely different experience. That is what Desiree Perez represents. She is sounding the trumpet and letting people know about the way that this music streaming service is a higher echelon above the competition. has more.


Desiree works in the nightclub business. She has done some contract negotiations for Jay-Z with this sports franchise. She has a great amount of work experience that has allowed her to stay grounded. She has worked in many different capacities, and this is what let her to build a better music streaming service with Jay-Z. Many people are thrilled to learn about what is happening with Tidal, but people cannot overlook the grand influence that Perez has had on turning this company around. There was a time when no one knew what Tidal was about, and no one wanted to know anything about it. There were other dominant players in the game, and Tidal was riding the bench hard.


According to, it would take a great amount of time for Tidal to rise up and become this champion streaming service that supplied people with the exclusives that were not found anywhere else. This company became a representative on the music streaming services that would also include more visuals. There were exclusive albums and concerts. It was a new dawn for music streaming that Desiree Perez ushered in. She didn’t come into the music streaming to play the way that everyone else was playing. Instead, Desiree Perez wanted to make people realize that Tidal offered something new.   Hit this related link for more details.

Norka Luque, A Musical Miracle

Music was always of vital importance in Norka Luque’s childhood home, so her parents were quick to give their blessings when she began showing interest in learning it. While still in school, she took voice, piano, ballet and flamenco lessons. During those years, Norka entered every contest and show she could get, dreaming about one day making a difference in the world through her music.

After graduating high school, Norka moved to France for college, but she continued to pursue her musical vocation by joining bands and performing live. She learned a great deal during those years, but it was only after moving to Miami that her musical career took off. There, she managed to get herself noticed by renowned producer Emilio Estefan Jr., who became instantly smitten by her art. After inviting her to the famous Crescent Moon studios for a serious conversation, Estefan Jr. committed himself to helping Norka polish her talents through demanding music lessons and vocal coaching. Soon, Norka was recording her first single under Emilio’s passionate and focused style of musical direction.

Composed by legendary musician Archie Peña, the single finally hit the radio stations in 2011. Entitled “Como Lo Haces Tú”, the catchy latin pop song got excellent reviews from both critics and music enthusiasts, even managing to get Norka a nomination for Best Female Pop Artist at the Lo Nuestro awards. Having experienced success, in 2012 an ambituous Norka Luque released the second single of her album, “Milagro” (“Miracle”). The song was composed by Peña in collaboration with the Hermanos Gaitán and Luigi Giraldo, all of whom have enormous experience in the vast world of latin pop music. A groovy mixture of rock, reggae and pop, the song was an overnight sensation in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Today, Norka is working tirelessly on her new music, but still reflects on the huge impact being able to make an album like “Milagro” had in her life. In a very real sense, her entire life had been a road to that moment. “The city of Miami, the sun, the sea and the palm trees have been the silent witnesses of this miracle,” Norka said in an interview with LatinOL. It’s only fitting that the song itself is a message of hope for people who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for their own miracle to happen.

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Brian Mulligan: The Baritone That Commands Audiences With His Rich Voice And Raw Passion

The world of opera upholds the integrity of music that has survived hundreds of years alongside modern day contemporaries. Each professional must make a performance honest, passionate and unmistakably their own through the unique quality inherent in their voice. Brian Mulligan is a baritone that has graced the stages of many of the world’s most respected opera houses. He is honored to lend his rich voice and passion to breathing life into intriguing characters.

While he was a student at Juilliard, Brian Mulligan was awarded a role at the Metropolitan Opera and stepped across the footlights of the most coveted stage in the opera world. He has since performed at the world class opera houses including the San Francisco Opera, Houston Grand Opera, New York City Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Oper Frankfurt, Opernhaus Zürich, Los Angeles Opera, Canadian Opera Company and Washington National Opera. He has performed in some of the richest shows in the opera repertoire including La Boheme, Faust and Lucia di Lammermoor.

Mulligan will be singing the titular role in San Francisco Opera’s Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. He has dreamed about inhabiting the character in Sondheim’s macabre masterpiece for years and feels so fortunate to have the opportunity to play this character. Sweeney Todd is a performer’s dream, ask any opera or musical performer; usually Sweeney Todd is one of the shows that they would absolutely love to do. Mulligan has won rave reviews over the course of his opera career and San Francisco audiences are quite eager to see his interpretation of the role.

Brian Mulligan is a performer of great talent, but he is still very much grounded in his perspective. He recognizes that their are many talented singers that have not had the experiences he has had. He encourages artists to not crumble under rejection, but to be honest about their unique role as a singer. He is a firm believer that if you are persistent and honest with yourself it is easier to find your musical path on stage.

His rich voice and bombastic stage presence have made Mulligan an in-demand commodity across the greatest stages in the world. Audiences still want to go to the theatre and be moved. Even though the world seems to spin on an axis of technology, people still want to go to the theatre and be confronted by their humanity through the art of incredible music and storytelling.