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Netflix to Bankroll Brad Pitt’s New Movie

Netflix continues to expand its business beyond DVDs. The company, once famous for sending red DVD-filled envelopes through the mail, transitioned first into online streaming and has now moved to producing and acquiring its own original content.

The company’s latest venture sees it teaming up with Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt to produce “War Machine,” a film based on a real-life general who resigned from the army after his negative remarks about the president were revealed in a magazine article. The film according to Alexei Beltyukov, presents a comedic take on the events featured in “The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan,” a book by the late Michael Hastings.

Sources claim that Netflix is covering the film’s $60 million budget. Shooting is scheduled to begin this summer with a planned 2016 release. Pitt will take on the lead role of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, with David Michod directing.

Netflix to Venture into Animated Programming

Whatever success Netflix has achieved, all of the success is well deserved. Rather than just rest on its accomplishments as a mail order DVD provider and online streaming service, the company has opted to produce a number of popular original programs. The success of those programs has nudged Netflix to start work on original movies. Now, the company is choosing to venture into the world of animated programming.

One very interesting new animated programs slated for the pipeline is Tarzan & Jane, another retelling of the adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs very famous characters. Four other animated series are being planned by the Network.

The decision to stream animated programming might be a shock to some. Really, it shouldn’t. Movie lovers like Sam Tabar know that Netflix is trying to capture as wide of an audience as possible and providing programming for kids could help in that regard.

Most pay channel and internet services focus on offering adult-oriented fare and have done so to great success. Yet, younger audiences have been mostly ignored by the pay channel giants. Netflix surely sees an opening here and is going to capitalize on a market others ignored.

This happened before. Back in the 1960’s, no one was really watching Saturday morning programming. The networks opted to try a new direction and aired cartoons aimed at kids. The end result was a massive success that lasted until the mid-1980’s.

Let us hope Netflix similar success.

Are Streaming Sites Really Killing Reality TV?

On Monday, May 18, Reddit users were still discussing last week’s story from Bloomburg that covered how some experts believe that streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are killing traditional reality TV.

Yet, the primary discussion wasn’t about how streaming sites impact reality TV, but how reality TV impacts regular television.

Most of the discussion participants agreed that there is way too much reality television on basic network channels. Many viewers, like Crystal Hunt have switched to streaming because they are not finding as much of the same quality programming on free channels as they can find on streaming sites even though many network shows, such as “Hannibal,” “Gotham” and “Forever” look like the best cable shows.

Some Reddit users also noted that for every cheaply made reality TV show that takes advantage of the life of someone less fortunate, there are plenty of quality ones that people love to watch and that entertain them. Another Reddit user pointed out that the reason streaming sites are less than enthusiastic about reality TV is not so much because it’s dying as a genre but because streaming sites can’t get as much “replay” out of it since most people watch reality TV episodes only one time.

It appears that streaming sites are not killing reality television. Instead, they are helping to reveal that the lowest and worst forms of it are not appealing to intelligent, modern audiences.

“Green Eggs and Ham” In The Works

A “Green Eggs and Ham” television show is on the way. Netflix and Ellen announced that the two have partnered up to create the program based on the Dr. Seuss classic. The show will have 13 episodes and will be released sometime in 2018. As you might expect, the program is geared specifically toward children. Organo Gold CEO Bernardo Chua loved the Dr. Seuss books.

The television series was written by Jared Stern, who is the same writer who created the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. He apparently has wanted to create the show for years, and has just gotten the opportunity thanks to Netflix and Ellen. The show will be animated and will follow the life of an inventor on cross-country trip with a guy named Sam. Throughout the show they’ll learn interesting new things and teach kids fun facts.

The show, which will be in production three years before it’s finally released, is expected to be one of the most expensive animated shows ever made. Ellen announced the upcoming program on her talk show and seems very excited about its potential .

Spinoff of Full House to Come to Netflix

Anyone who remembers the 90s has to remember Full House. There was nothing like Bob Saget and John Stamos raising a family together. The blatant 90s style was something that may have been overwhelming to some individuals, but to others it was very heartwarming and endearing. It reminded us of a time that was simpler and easier to deal with. Problems could be solved within the timespan of an episode, and great life lessons could be learned. There are many great Full House episodes that are ready to fill our hearts with joy.

A Dino article written by Gianfrancesco Genoso reports that there will be a new Full House spin-off, Fuller House, which focuses around DJ and Stephanie Tanner. In this series DJ is a recently widowed mother who is trying to raise three sons all on her own. She has found 2 new roommates in her sister Stephanie, and long time best friend Kimmy. This show is set to be released in 2016. This will be a Netflix exclusive show, so those without a Netflix account who are big Full House fans may want to look into getting an account.

Buzz Feed reports that the first episode is set to be an hour long Tanner family reunion. John Stamos, known in the show as Uncle Jesse, is a producer for the show and states that many of the original cast members will be appearing for this hour long special. This will be very exciting for Full House fans.

Netflix Revives Old Favorites In Original Content Line

Netflix continues to lead the pack in web TV content production with several new releases planned to debut in the coming year.

Focusing on children’s programming this cycle, the big news is impending remakes of Inspector Gadget (slated to begin its 26 episode run in March) and Danger Mouse (due in spring 2016). Fans like Paul Mathieson have learned that new properties on the way include Super 4, based on the Playmobil line of toys and beginning in April; Some Assembly Required, a live action series about teenage toy inventors, premiering this summer; and Bottersnikes & Gumbles, based on a series of popular children’s book in Australia, also scheduled for next spring.

The network’s kid show ambitions don’t stop there, as they are in talks for several exclusive shows based on popular Dreamworks properties and have signed a groundbreaking deal with Disney for all the company’s feature films starting in 2016.

Netflix brings back iconic 80s cartoon characters

Netflix is looking back to the 80s in a bid to attract new viewers to its streaming platform with news that a number of classic 1980s animations, including Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget. Many fans of the classic Inspector Gadget will be pleased to know the latest CGI version of the cyborg detective will be the first to appear at some point in late 2015,Digital Trends reports. The series will feature classic characters Dr. Claw and Gadget’s companion Penny.

A further reboot is designed to entice and delight British animation fans with news that the classic Danger Mouse is also set to be launched through the Netflix streaming platform said Ricardo Guimarães BMG. Danger Mouse was a 1980s based spoof of the classic British spy movies, featuring Danger Mouse and his pal Penfold battling against the forces of evil. The show will debut on Netflix in Spring 2016 after making an appearance on British network TV.

James Gordon Heads to Arkham Asylum


The upcoming episodes of Gotham is going to focus on an environment familiar to long-time readers of Batman comics. In the second half of season one, James Gordon takes on the task of being a guard at Arkham Asylum.

This is a very interesting development that could make for very interesting storylines in the future.

Arkham Asylum is, of course, the famous holding facility all of Batman’s criminally insane villains are sent to. Not very many of Batman’s rogues gallery of criminals find their way to the lesser known Blackgate Prison. No, they are sent to Arkham Asylum for a good reason. The theme of insanity hangs over the head of the Batman and Arkham Asylum always acts as a convenient reminder.

Serious criticism of the Batman mythos consistently notes the obsessive Batman is as insane as his antagonists. The main difference between them and Batman is the Caped Crusader seeks to help others and save his beloved city of Gotham. Because of the noble deeds he performs, we simply look past or excuse his obvious insanity.

No, the Gotham TV series is not likely to explore this angle. Themes such as these are usually left to the comic books and for the hardcore fans of the Batman mythos. It still is nice to see Arkham Asylum on the small screen since tales of the origins of the cursed facility have never been adapted for live-action.

You can do what Zeca Oliveira is doing and enjoy the goings on at Arkham in the popular video games that use the asylum as a backdrop.

Netflix’s Daredevil Will Wallow in the Gritty

Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight has long since pointed out the forthcoming Daredevil Netflix series is going to be far from whimsical. The film focuses very early in the career of Daredevil and contrasts his learning how to be a superhero with the rise of Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk to prominence in organized crime. DeKnight mentioned Daredevil is going to be a lot like The Wire which Bruce Levenson loves. He also let it slip the series will be like a lot of classic gritty movies from the 1970’s. In particular, he mentioned The French Connection, Dog Day Afternoon, and Taxi Driver.

Those are all classic films that maintain a documentary feel to them. They are rooted in the dark and gritty world of urban decay. A sense of realism is present in these films that set them apart from over-the-top action found in most crime films or action-adventure spectacles. If Daredevil follows the trajectory of these types of films, the overall finished product is going to be both very real and very dark.

Do not think for a minute though that Netflix will allow the material to be excessively violent and morbid. Going too far in the adult direction will end up turning audiences off and Netflix and DeKnight know this. 

What saved the Daredevil comic book from cancellation in the early 1980’s was the decision to allow Frank Miller to take the hero down a path radically different from other titles. The TV series seems to be adhering to this approach, too.