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Slyce Helps You Find Products Quickly

Ever look at a product in a store and wonder how much that same item is priced elsewhere? Traditional shopping would require you to pound the pavement going to each store, or do an online search and wade through dozens, if not hundreds, of search results trying to find the exact match to the product you saw. Now there is a new technology that makes finding that product online as simple as clicking a picture of it with your smartphone, then submitting the photo to a Product Recognition search that uses Slyce corporation’s technology to quickly list the details of that exact product, where it is available and at what price and without any wading through false-positive results.

One of the options on Google’s search is to use a photograph as your search request input. A sophisticated Content Based Image Retrieval algorithm is employed to make matches that very closely fit the look of the entered photo from anywhere on the Internet, world wide. This is accomplished by a huge number of complicated comparisons of the submitted image’s internal components to potential matches found on the Internet. This includes texture, shape, color, attached logo figures, and metadata for the picture. This process takes a lot of cycles of processing, but the added CPU load is necessary to obtain better search matches than simple text meta-tag searches can produce.

This biggest leader in this product recognition technology is When merchants employ Slyce’s custom technology, or even Slyce’s off-the-shelf packages, such as their SnipSnap, Pounce, and Craves software, consumers are delighted to be able to quickly find comparisons of a product with the snap of a picture on their smartphones. Shopping will never be difficult again for those customers who take advantage of Slyce’s product recognition. Merchants like it because it increases sales to well-informed consumers and mostly because of their resulting enlarged presence on the Internet.

Too Little, Too Late?

Paul Walker will formally announce his candidacy on July 13 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The governor of Wisconsin is controversial for his anti-union, pro Koch brothers’ stance on most issues. He was famously pranked with a fake phone call from the Koch brothers that would become very telling for his critics stated Ivan Ong. He survived a recall attempt to the chagrin of his opponents that fought hardily for his termination. Walker is a college dropout that rose to fame during the tea party purge of the Republican Party after Obama was elected. Additionally, Walker was a frontrunner even without his formal announcement.

After multiple missteps, he has seen his star diminish greatly with republican potential voters. He polls lower than Donald Trump even. Walker is the 15th candidate to enter the republican field. Jindal, Jeb and Christie proceeded Walker as republican governors that have entered the race. Walker was seen as a suitable anti-establishment replacement for Jeb, but that seems to have subsided as Jeb has assumed the lead comfortably and will most likely be the republican nominee barring any drastic changes in the emerging field vying for the republican candidacy. If Walker continues to poll poorly, he will not be eligible to compete in his party’s primary debates. This will rob him of the chance to present himself in a more positive light for those skeptical about voting for a college dropout which his opponent will definitely use against him.

RIP Legendary Actor Sir Christopher Lee (1922 – 2015)

“A legend in his own time” doesn’t begin to describe the legacy. Film fans today mourn the passing of Sir Christopher Lee, whose career spanned the mid-1940s to well into the 2010s. Generations of fans both grew up and grew old watching his performances.

Among his famous roles are Count Dracula in the Hammer Productions era, Lord Summerisle in the British 1973 The Wicker Man, Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga, Saruman the sorcerer from the Lord of the Rings franchise, and Count Dooku from the Star Wars franchise. His career extends well beyond these works, encompassing over 200 films, nearly as many voice acting stints in animation and even video games, and forays into everything from writing to music. According to Google Play, he spoke English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Russian and Greek, which contributed greatly to his world-wide reach and fame.

History will not soon forget such an epic talent, and it remains to be seen which role he will be most associated with as his legacy lives on. However, the Wicker Man character of Lord Summerisle is one of the few roles he worked free of pay, out of pure respect for the project. Since that movie has been called one of the greatest horror films ever made, and Lee’s character was the beating heart of it, that puts him in the position of the greatest villain actor ever to appear on the silver screen, at the very least.

Crane Collapse in Manhattan Injures Ten

Ten people were injured and massive structural damage was done to a high-rise building in Manhattan when a crane collapsed. The incident occurred on Sunday. The building is located at 38th street and Madison Avenue.

According to insiders, the crane was bringing a cooling unit to the roof of the structure when the concrete under the unit gave way, causing it to roll from the roof onto the street. The crane collapsed form the extreme shift in weight distribution, and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital couldn’t imagine being present at the time.

According to the FDNY no one was seriously hurt in the incident, miraculously. The building, however, suffered from extensive and serious structural damage. Crews remained on the scene through Sunday evening to secure the building, and traffic was detoured for safety reasons, according to those in the area.

This is not the first time a crane has collapsed in Manhattan. Two crane collapses in 2008 killed a total of nine people over a two month period. Both cranes, in those incidents, toppled over and into buildings. In an incident in March of 2008 a crane caused a building to complete collapse, killing seven. In May of the same year two people were killed in a similar incident, including the crane operator.

Regular Pizzas Ordering Saved a Life

When one works in the food industry they quickly recognize those who order food on a regular basis. There are some who seem to have the habit of ordering a particular food at a particular time. For some this can be a bad thing, causing them to gain weight or grown unhealthy. For one woman this was a lifesaver.

One Memphis woman is alive today because of her regular food orders. It seems that this woman had the routine of always ordering a Dominoes pizza. Every day this woman would order a pizza for herself. When she missed a few days of ordering one of the employees at the restaurant took notice. It seems that the woman had fallen down and she needed assistance. Thanks to the fact that she always ordered the same thing at the same time each day, she was able to get the help that she needed through the employee who missed hearing from her. Sergio Cortes really liked how this story ended.

Drug Dealers Are Being Robbed by Narcotics Officers in Detroit

The number of cases coming to light of police criminal behavior, brutality and outright murder has become daunting. In the 60s and 70s growing up, law enforcement held a higher standard and were respected individuals who took their commitment to serve and protect with pride. Today, it seems an alarming number of officers are just bullies with a gun and a badge.

Detroit has not been immune to the misdeeds of its officers. Robbery, extortion and drug dealing are just a few of the latest crimes committed by two of Detroit’s men in blue. Thirty-four year old Lt. David Hansberry, AKA Hater, and 46-year old Officer Bryan Watson, AKA Bullet, have been charged with crimes ranging from drug possession to conspiracy while in their official capacities. A third man, 45-year old Kevlin Omar Brown has been named as an “associate” of Hansberry for his part in a January 2012 incident. While Detroit Police Chief James Craig says, “The vast majority of the men and women of the Detroit Police Department are honest and hardworking, they honor the badge they wear and the oath they took to serve and protect the citizens of this city,” he was well aware of the problems plaguing the department’s drug unit.

According to the indictment, Hansberry and Watson set up, robbed and extorted Detroit’s citizens while using their authority as officer of the law. After arranging drug deals, they would intimidate the other parties, encouraging them to flee the scene, leaving drugs, money and property behind for the taking. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG couldn’t believe this actually happened.

U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said of the way Craig handled the situation, “We applaud Craig’s commitment to root out any officers who tarnish the badge.” Hansberry and Watson have been suspended without pay and Craig is left with concern over the public’s trust in their officers after such disturbing allegations.

Arrested Development Season Five?

According to Arrested Development producer, Brian Grazer, the Bluth family will be returning for 17 more episodes. If this is indeed true, this will be the fifth season of the on again off again TV series. The show first made it’s debut on the Fox television network in 2003 where it lasted for three seasons before it was canceled in 2006 stated Ivan Ong. However, it return for a fourth season on the streaming network, Netflix, in 2013 where 15 episodes was released. It is uncertain if Netflix will be airing the new episodes or not.

Although Arrested Development received loads of critical acclaim during it’s run on Fox, the show didn’t quite get the audience it needed to keep it afloat, which is why Fox canceled it. However, after the cancellation it started getting a huge cult following, which prompted the shows fourth season return on Netflix. The show has won six Primetime Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe and it has been named the funniest show of all time by IGN.

Some of the cast like, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, Jason Bateman, David Cross, Portia de Rossi and Liza Minnelli were already well known, but some of the lesser known cast went on to make bigger names for themselves. Cast members like Michael Cera and Will Arnett. The show acted as a comeback vehicle for Jason Bateman, who went on to do several big movie projects.

It is unclear if the whole original cast will be returning to do the fifth season of Arrested Development. After all some have become big movie stars and may not want to return to the small screen.

Facebook is Working on an Android Dialer

Facebook is working on an Android app for calls that might be better than your current dialer. The new dialer will show information about the person who’s calling you in addition to just their name, and will work as a blocker for numbers that you’d rather not call you. The blocking feature is particularly interesting because Facebook will pay attention to what numbers are being blocked by other users and then automatically block them for you. For instance, if a spammer calls a number of Facebook users, the number might be blocked for you so you never receive the spam call in the first place.

While Facebook has confirmed that it’s working on the app, it doesn’t have any sort of timeline for when or if it will release it to the public. People at Anastasia Date have learned that a company spokesperson indicated that Facebook is also working on new projects, but it doesn’t have anything in particular to announce at this time about the call blocking app in particular.

Facebook’s last big push into Android apps was Facebook Home, a launcher for Android devices hat was never able to get much traction with users.