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A Tale Of Yeonmi Park’s Miraculous Escape From North Korea

DailyMail recently released a story about Yeonmi Park’s escape from North Korea as a girl. Her experience can only be described as harrowing, and this article briefly explains how she made her escape from North Korea with her mother. No one should have to go through such an ordeal, but this article proves that people can survive even the harshest of conditions.

#1: She Left As A Young Teen

Yeonmi and her mother chose to leave North when Yeonmi Park was a young teenager. Their journey took them across the border in the middle of the night into Mongolia and China. The two of them were kept by a smuggler who trapped them for nearly two years. Yeonmi was subject to the brutal task of watching mother be violated often, and the two of them were finally released to make their across lower Asia before finding safety.

#2: Yeonmi Was Fortunate To Have A Western Education

Yeonmi was fortunate enough to find herself in England receiving an education, and she used that education to build an argument against the North Korean regime. She wanted to speak up about what she saw in North Korea, and she began giving speeches that were posted on YouTube. She became an Internet sensation who was requested around the world, and she started a podcast series to talk about North Korea.

#3: Yeonmi Returns To South Korea

Yeonmi has returned to South Korea to continue her activism in spite of the fact that North Korea has denounced her many times. The current regime wants Yeonmi to be silent, and she is aware that assassination attempts may be made against her. She has not back down from her rhetoric, and she hopes to make a difference by being so close to her homeland.

Yeonmi Park is an inspiring figure who speaks up about a country no one knows much about. North Korea is a mysterious place where human rights abuses are perpetrated every day, but heroes like Yeonmi Park tell the world her story every day to educate the population. Her story should be inspiration to anyone who feels hopeless.