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Retailers Rejoice At WebFronts Review By RWS

Retailer Web Services, otherwise known as RWS, recently announced a new software service designed to consolidate necessary review resources such that retailers can respond to positive or negative reviews from a single program. Called WebFronts Review, this software was engineered from the input of 1,400 consumers who were surveyed. The questions these consumers were asked had to do with what particular online reviews influenced them when it came to shopping online for products and services.
Online Reputation Defender and review is integral, but it can be complicated if approached without the right background. Consider that the internet is truly global today, and most people have access to some online technology at any given moment. Consider also that most businesses have an online presence, and not all customer experiences are happy ones. This is why Yelp scared so many businesses recently. Reviewers had the power to effectively cordon off new leads simply by leveling negative reviews.

Now there’s no way to force a negative review to be pulled, but by being empathetic and listening, it’s possible to coax a negative reviewer into changing their tune. Sometimes a bad review has happened not because the product itself didn’t perform as intended, but because the user didn’t understand some integral feature of its function. Consider the man who put his RV on cruise control, went in the back to make a sandwich, wrecked the RV, and came away from the courtroom with a winning settlement against the company who produced the vehicle. That man is a Yelp reviewer, and he could easily have been made to understand that “cruise control” has nothing to do with “automatic driving”. Likewise, many reviewers who level exceptionally negative reviews at an organization are doing so because they’ve misunderstood something. Then there are those who are downright vitriolic, and those against whom the business has made a legitimate mistake. All three can be better handled with consolidated online reputation management software. There is also a greater possibility of reversing perspective through contact and feedback requisition. At the very least, more data becomes available, which can aide in formulating future corporate endeavors.