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Moisturize Your Lips With These Organic EOS Lip Balms

EOS is famous for creating lip balm with the right amount of flavor and moisture. The brand offers different types of lip balm to fit your lifestyle. You can moisturize your lips with these organic EOS lip balm flavors.


Blueberry Acai: There is nothing like the flavor of blueberry acai to give you a refreshing feeling. This organic lip balm is full of the antioxidants you need to keep your lips healthy.


Honeysuckle Honeydew: It is hard to resist the honey-like flavor of this honeydew lip balm. This lip balm adds a bit of sweetness to your collection without overdoing it.


Passion Fruit: If you love sweet or fruit flavored products, this is just the lip balm for you. The passion fruit adds a sweet but refreshing flavor to your collection.


Pomegranate Raspberry: EOS combines tangy and sweet flavors to give your lips a kick with this product. This lip balm is available in both sphere and stick form.


Strawberry Sorbet: There is nothing like the taste of sweet strawberry sorbet to remind you of your favorite dessert.


Summer Fruit: Take your lips to paradise with the combination of strawberry, peach and blueberry flavors.


Sweet Mint: This lip balm features a bit of sweetness with a hint of mint. You can find this lip balm in both stick and sphere form. See to lean more.


Vanilla Bean: It is no secret that vanilla bean is a popular flavor, and EOS follows this trend with their vanilla bean lip balm. This lip balm is available as an organic smooth stick.


EOS has been creating products that are stylish and healthy since 2009. The brand is known for offering products in delicious flavors and soothing scents. Their products include sphere and stick lip balm, hand and body lotion and shaving cream. Read more amazing articles here on


The organic lip balm flavors designed to moisturize and soften your lips with natural ingredients.


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