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“Fast And Furious 7” Brings In Record Amount Of Money

Even though “Fast and Furious 7” is no longer in the movie theaters, and it soon will be on DVD, it is now officially the third highest grossing movie of all time. The Fast and Furious 7 has grossed $1.52 billion dollars total since it opened. “Fast And Furious 7” Record. The only two movies that have beat The Fast and Furious 7 is “Avatar,” and “Titanic,” and both movies are made by the same producer. The Fast and Furious 7 made more than any of the movies from the franchise, and many feel that it’s because of the fact that Paul Walker died before the movie was released.

After Paul Walker died in a fiery crash while supposedly racing with a friend, many felt that he died doing what he loved, so they supported Paul by going out to see the movie. Even when the red carpet events for the movie was held, there were tons of fans waiting to greet the stars of the movie. Everyone has notated that Paul Walker’s death has helped propel the sales of The Fast and Furious 7 movie.

The Twitter-verse is abuzz as Beneful noted that the movie will soon be on DVD, and the DVD is packed filled with stunts, extras, and behind the scenes footage. The Fast and Furious 7 was not finished before Paul died, so his brother had to finish filming his scenes for him. The movie is Paul’s last project before his death, and the movie will be stamped as Paul Walker’s finest movie ever.